Snow Storm Disrupts Travel, Makes Life Difficult

ABC News' extreme weather team tracks the latest weather news across the country.
3:00 | 01/04/14

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Transcript for Snow Storm Disrupts Travel, Makes Life Difficult
I'm going to step outside my role as a journalist and say i completely disapprove of this weather. Abomina abominable. 100%. A trash barrel and a city bench looking like obstruct sculptures. We haven't seen temperatures like this in years. In nebraska, a building that caught fire was covered in ice, as water sprayed by firefighters froze right up. And snow is another part of the story, obviously. As much of the country digs out from the major storm that just blew through. Take a look at the inside of this train. And if you were in one of these cars -- good luck digging out. And here in new york city, the best way to get around, check it out, skis. That's how I got to work this morning, bianna. I wondered why you were late. I pulled a hammy on the way. A hammy? My go-to injury. Our extreme weather team is in place this morning. We begin our complete coverage of the monster storm and one of the hardest-hit places, boston, which was pummeled. Ron claiborne has been there since the storm hit. Good morning, ron. Reporter: Good morning, to you, bianna. You know, from the mason-dixon line, to canada, to the upper midwest, to cape cod, pretty much the samstory, extreme cold. It's about 1 degree above zero here in boston. And the official snowfall total from that storm we just had, 17.8 inches here in boston, the unofficial total here and a lot of places. Just too darn much snow. This morning, 26 states are cleaning up, after a massive winter storm that broke records in some areas. The weather is being blamed for at least 16 deaths, stretching from minnesota to new york state. Hardest hit was boxford, massachusetts, north of boston, which was walloped with about two feet of snow. We hit the jackpot. It was a good storm. Reporter: In quincy, massachusetts, south of boston, we found steven clearing the path to his front door. Heavy snow? Light snow? It's light snow. It's pretty good. Reporter: You don't mind? No. It's good exercise. Reporter: He was kind enough to give me a few pointers in the fine art of snow shoveling. I'm not doing it right? It's no joke, though. First, the snow and punishing wind, blanketing a huge swath of the northeast. Look at this satellite image of the storm at its peak. And now, bone-chilling, teeth-chattering, frostbiting sub zero temperatures. Chicagoland is preparing for a deep freeze. Single-digit temperatures are on the way, as people continue to dig out. I guess you have to roll with the punches. Reporter: This new jersey postal worker's route was brought to a screeching halt when his mail truck was surrounded by floodwaters. Some drivers in maine, driving flooding ice waters. And in north carolina, a group of hikers stranded on the appalachian trail. 5:00, it went from not at all to two inches in 20 minutes. Reporter: The national guard rescuing those hikers after a long, frigid night. And in new york city, newly minted mayor neil de blasio told his city -- 100% of primary roads have been plowed. The mayor himself even pitched in with some snow shoveling, experiencing what millions of people in the northeast are still grappling with. And in the next few days, things are going to get really tricky because it's going to warm up, well above freezing. Then, it's going to rain. And then, it's going to go way back down, well below freezing. Many of the streets are going to look like hockey rinks in a couple of days. Ron, we know you are stuck in boston. You were unable to get back down here for the newscast this morning. Bianna has printed up free ron claiborne t-shirts. You look miserable. I need a free ron claiborne hoodie. Get inside. Warm up. We'll see you tomorrow morning. Ron claiborne. The storm hit right smack in the middle of one of the busiest travel periods of the year. With millions of people heading home from holiday vacations. The ripple effect across america. Thousands of flights canceled. Passengers stranded in airports. And one of the hardest-hit in america airports, la guardia, that's where we find abc's linzie janis. Good morning. Reporter: Good morning, dan and bianna. Things were just getting back to normal yesterday when a fresh round of cancellations came because of ice. Already on the boards this morning, we have 750 cancellations, more than that actually. And more than 2,400 delays across the country. This morning, more misery for travelers. Frozen snow, making ice rinks out of tarmacs and runways. Prompting delta to cancel dozens of flights out of new york's jfk. And southwest to strand hundreds of passengers in chicago. I'm hoping I don't have to get in the car and drive to california is all. Reporter: It comes on top of nearly 3,500 flights canceled by airlines on friday. And more than 2,600 on thursday. The number of delayed flights since the snow first started falling, now approaching nearly 50,000. Our flights just kept getting pushed back and pushed back and pushed back. And finally canceled. I'm hoping I don't have to spend another night far from home. Reporter: It all means more of this. Travelers, camped out on floors, at food courts. The lucky ones on reclining camp beds. And with the weekend flight schedule up in the air, a little advice for those still hoping to head home. A heavy holiday weekend for people who travel. And I this I they should call before they come to the airport. Reporter: A few other tips? Check social media. Airlines are increasingly using facebook and twitter to alert flyers about travel delays. And make sure you're aware of change fees. Often during bad weather, airlines will waive fees or allow you to make changes without penalty. It's not the way thousands of americans expected their holiday to end. Horrible. Never do it again. Never, never, never, never. Reporter: So, saturday is generally a lighter travel day. So, we're told that some of the backlog will be cleared today. But for many people, it's going to be the beginning of next week before they get home. Bianna? A huge headache for so many americans. Linzie, thank you. For many parts of the country, temperatures are expected to continue to drop. Even lower early next week. So, just how much worse will things get? We want to welcome meteorologist brad from our wsb action news in atlanta. He's freezing outside in central park for us. Good morning, brad. Good morning. Temperatures this morning in central park, 11 degrees. At 16 below, the average here in new york city. About six inches of snow still on the ground from what came through overnight thursday night, early friday morning. Now, temperatures across the northeast are only 1 degree in boston, 1 below zero in atlantic city. 3 below in burlington. And we have the teens from the nation's capital up toward buffalo this morning. Into the midwest, we're looking at widespread and potentially heavy snow. Six inches to a foot from st. Louis, near chicago, detroit. And then, an arctic blast coming in from canada, across the midwest. Look at these high temperatures. 13 below monday in minneapolis. 10 below monday in chicago. Those are high temperatures. And dangerous cold windchills for monday morning. Windchill readings, 50 to 57 degrees below zero for much of the northern plains and midwest. We're looking at extreme,o dangerous cold there. You say it's going to be chilly? Yeah. This is how we roll at "gma." We take a meteorologist from balmy atlanta and force him to stand out in the freezing cold in central park. Brad, welcome to the hazing ritual. We'll bring you inside in a A lot of other news overnight.

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