Non-Stop Drama in Men's Figure Skating

Russian star Evgeni Plushenko announces retirement and U.S. skater Jeremy Abbot takes a major fall.
3:00 | 02/14/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Non-Stop Drama in Men's Figure Skating
We have other drama ha on the ice over there at the winter games. Figure skating competition, we have never seen it like this before and Amy robach, you know she's tracking all the action for us at our "Gma" olympic headquarters in sochi. Good morning. Reporter: Good morning to you, robin. You could hear an enormous gasp in the iceberg skating palace when the news of yevgeny plyushchenko leaving the competition was announced, a gasp that turned into a cheer when a gutsy American took to the ice. Absolute heartbreak. Yevgeny plyushchenko, the rock star of Russian figure skating bowing out after piercing back pain stifled his run. Had withdrawn. Reporter: The four-time olympic medalist one of the greatest skaters of all time announcing his retirement sending shock waves around the skating world. Then this -- Oh, no. Reporter: Team usa's Jeremy Abbott with a heart-stopping crash into the boards clutching his side and falling into a disappointing 15th place. But the four-time U.S. Champion didn't go down without a fight. Oh, and he pulls it off. Reporter: Nailing the rest of his routine and ending with a bang. His teammate, the pony-tailed sensation Jason brown dazzled with a near flawless debut performance but the brightest star of the night, the Japanese skater shattering the 100-point barrier and earning the highest score ever recorded in the short program. His towering performance setting the stage for olympic gold. In men's hockey team usa crushing the Slovakians, 7-1. Their sights now set on a rumble with Russia this weekend. This is one of the most remarkable career comebacks. Reporter: American Noelle pikus-pace fresh out of retime sliding head first into the second fastest time of the night. She and teammate Katie U lander spotting that bald eagle helmet going for gold later today. Moments ago team usa's golden Bo boy,alpine rivals bode miller and Ted ligety taking to the super combined trying to make up for disappointment in the downhill earlier this morning. And we just found out that no medal for bode or Ted ligety. That's the latest update and also another big story today. Everyone has been surprised about the poor showing of the American speed skaters shut out in sochi, for example, Shani Davis was projected to win T 1,000-meter but posted one of the slowest times in his career. Some say the high-tech speeding suits are to blame made from under Armour. They have vents in the bag and may be causing drag. So U.S. Speed skating is trying to get approval to change the suits to what they wore during the world cup and some sending them back to the seamstress to have them modified. Six more speed skating events to come so we'll see what happens. It does comes down to something as simple as that makes all the difference. Yes. Really something. It was so dramatic. That's why we have Sasha Cohen with us. She won the silver medal in figure skating and you were talking about this yesterday. A friend of yours, plyushchenko, and the fact that he had to withdraw was so disappointed but he's been battling injury, hasn't he? He has been to four olympic games. I have been competing with him at the senior level since 15 years ago. And for an athlete to maintain their body, their character, the work ethic, that competitive drive for 15 years is incredible in itself and to see him come back and win the team event was exceptional. So sad to have to see him withdraw but you could just see the pain, the fact that his leg was giving out on him and he didn't want to go out and have a disappointing skate to end his olympic career on. The Americans Jeremy Abbott and Jason brown, first of all, Jeremy, goes down like he did but he got back up and finished so strong in the program. When I watched Jeremy Abbott my heart sank and you saw him fall and saw maybe he was hurt but you also saw disappointment. You just saw his whole bubble just deflate. And I didn't think he was going to get up and, you know, after five seconds when he crawled back up, he had the crowd cheering him on and went for it. Nothing harder than after a fall like that finishing. You have to give him credit. Keep the eye on the Japanese star and breaking 100 points like that. Never seen that in the short program. He was phenomenal and makes it look so easy. Has the most difficult moves but they're flawlessly landed.

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{"id":22513495,"title":"Non-Stop Drama in Men's Figure Skating","duration":"3:00","description":"Russian star Evgeni Plushenko announces retirement and U.S. skater Jeremy Abbot takes a major fall.","url":"/GMA/video/sochi-winter-olympics-2014-stop-drama-mens-figure-22513495","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}