Social Media's Role in Capture of Boston Bombing Suspects

A look at Facebook, Twitter's role in identifying the suspects and learning about their lives.
2:32 | 04/20/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Social Media's Role in Capture of Boston Bombing Suspects
FaceBook Twitter and other social media become such a huge part of our lives and that has proven once again in any case this week. It's played a role in everything from identifying the suspects to learning about their lives and helping keep the Boston area on lockdown. If he's -- nine and has of that story. These photos released by the FBI went beyond -- world. Try Internet cataclysm. Mobilizing an army of Internet users -- action. The FBI web site crashed from traffic overload -- citizens eager to help it. Some call it -- activism won't social media mobilizing citizens to act with a simple click. I'm it -- one minute after the good news treated 1000 times in a matter of minutes leading to a flood of photos videos messages. Digital -- examining the -- color of the blast. To determine the explosives he used. To -- of Americans are Smartphones. The majority of Americans on Twitter and FaceBook. People will want to find ways to contribute and to participate in situations like this. I'm fourteen and pictures of black backpack you'd be surprised just how many people had black backpacks that day. Read -- dot com had their own forum called find Boston bombers. At times though the crowd sourced investigations. Turned into a witch hunt. When this missing student was wrongfully accused of being a suspect as it was seventeen year old -- -- who. -- the blue robe die -- whom telling ABC news he. And no word what we -- what our institutions need to do. News -- sling shots to all those David's. An army of Davids piecing together clues the FBI never told the public about. The suspected bombers likely Twitter account apparently he didn't like haircuts or even the music he may have listened to. -- And that now famous tweet last night from Boston Police suspect in custody police sweeping the area. What became the second most re tweeted phrase second only to president Obama's -- on election night. Four more years in Indiana. The power of social media such -- telling stern arena thank you.

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{"id":19005936,"title":"Social Media's Role in Capture of Boston Bombing Suspects","duration":"2:32","description":"A look at Facebook, Twitter's role in identifying the suspects and learning about their lives.","url":"/GMA/video/social-medias-role-capture-boston-bombing-suspects-19005936","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}