Sofia Vergara on Embryo Battle: 'I Don't Think It's Fair'

The "Modern Family" actress and "Hot Pursuit" star discusses the fight with her ex, Nick Loeb, over frozen embryos they created together.
4:08 | 05/07/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sofia Vergara on Embryo Battle: 'I Don't Think It's Fair'
with Sofia Vergara, speaking out for the first time on camera about her legal battle with her ex over the frozen embryos they created together. You sat down with her. That's right. Sofia Vergara has been in the head lines for the last couple of week, not just because of her new movie, "Hot pursuit," buzz because of the brewing legal battle. She said very clearly this is the last time she'll speak about the matter publicly. This has obviously been a big week. Sofia, on your left. Over here please. Reporter: At the same time, you're dealing with something very personal that's been made very public. I really want to make this like the last time I talk about it because I don't think it's fair. Reporter: For the highest paid actress on TV this should be a dream week. From shining at the met ball. To the eagerly anticipated opening of the movie "Hot pursuit." You have to stay here until backup arrived. I never dreamed of working with somebody Oscar nominate period. Won oscars. Reporter: At the saim same time, her week plagued with headlines. Her Embree Yo fight. Sofia Vergara, breaking her silence. The disputes about the custody of embryos. Reporter: A legal battle brought by her former fiance, nick Loeb. Hoping to gain control over the two embryos from when they were together in 2013. He writes to "The New York times" I asked her to let me have the embryos. She has refused. Now for first time on camera, Sofia Vergara is speaking out. I want to give you the opportunity. What do you want people to know about this situation with your exfiance? I've been working very hard to get to the point. I promote my movie, my work. I don't like promoting my private life. I don't want to allow this person to take more advantage of my career and try to pro mote himself. Get press for this. This shouldn't be out there for people to give their opinion when that's nothing to talk about. There's papers signed. Reporter: Among those papers, a contract the couple signed with the fertility clinic that states the embryos could only be brought to term with both parties' consent. Zpri don't understand why the media is allowing a person to just try to put me down and try to make it like that's something only is happening when nothing is happening. Reporter: And his timing -- Of course. If you ant to press, it was the perfect timing. Having an amazing month. Reporter: Surprised? Hurt? Embarrassed? Angry? No, just with the press. Why is the press allowing somebody to -- to invent things and create press for himself. You know, he's not an actor. Not a celebrity. It's like, why? Why are they allowing him to do that? No, I'm not sad. I'll be grateful. I have to enjoy what I'm living right now. In the life of an actress, you have big ups and downs. I'm superhappy with Joe. Reporter: Joe is Joe Manganiello, star of "Magic Mike" and her soon to be husband. He's always in a good mood. He always, you know, is willing to have fun with me. Reporter: As for ger gar Ra, her dream week continues. About to put an even bigger mark on Hollywood. I get a star in the walk of fame this Thursday in los Angeles. Are you mad at me or something? I don't know. Did you do something to make me mad? Ed o'neill, when I called him to tell him, are you going to come? He's like, what? How did you get this so fast? Reporter: But, you worked really hard. I'm happy. I'm not going to let anything -- life is short. I'm getting old. I have to enjoy this now. Reporter: We're the same age. Don't say that. You're old. I'm old. And we'll be cheering her on when she gets that star on the Hollywood walk of fame later today. She says her whole family has travelled from Colombia to be there for that moment. She's moving on. She truly is. In a good place about that. Yes, she is. Thank you for bringing that to us, Amy.

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{"duration":"4:08","description":"The \"Modern Family\" actress and \"Hot Pursuit\" star discusses the fight with her ex, Nick Loeb, over frozen embryos they created together.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"30867792","title":"Sofia Vergara on Embryo Battle: 'I Don't Think It's Fair'","url":"/GMA/video/sofia-vergara-embryo-battle-fair-30867792"}