Solider Reunited With Newborn Daughter After Long Custody Battle

Tanya Rivero reports the latest details on adoption case that resulted in 22 month fight.
2:40 | 01/27/13

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Transcript for Solider Reunited With Newborn Daughter After Long Custody Battle
half hour with that reunion we mentioned between a soldier and his daughter. Not the usual stor not separated by war but instead by the girl's mom who put her up for adoption without telling the father. Abc's tanya rivero is here with the story. Reporter: Good morning, dan. The battle for custody of his daughter with the family who thought they had adopted her dragged on for a bitter 22 months, most of the little girl's life but it made the homecoming for soldier terry hnen all the more sweeter. Reunited at last. This adorable toddler and father can start a new life together. I'm just happy right now. I'm with my daughter. It's about time. Reporter: A happy ending to the nightmare that began two years ago when terry achan secretly gave their daughter up for adoption while he was out of state on a duty. And the utah family who adopted the little girl at birth fought achan bitterly to keep her. The freys who have five others claimed he abandoned his family and 340u7b9sed a tough legal battle for which they raised over $22,000 on their blog it's as sad for them as others. Reporter: The biological mother terra bland now divorced from achan defends the freys. They cared about me and the well-being of leah when he wasn't there, when he wasn't around, when he didn't care. Reporter: Bland told "the salt lake tribune" she learned about the adoption center of choice from watching mtv's "teen mom." They arranged for her to give birth in utah where adoption laws are more relaxed. Utah's laws appeal to people who want to get it done quick rather than those who want it done right. Reporter: The judge says he's deeply troubled by the actions of the adoption agency which is reportedly being investigated by the state. This was an illegal adoption. It's an adoption agency that didn't do it part to fully investigate. Reporter: Happily achan has other concerns now. Potty training. Potty training is coming up right now so potty training and me combing hair. But it's not quite over just yet. A final hearing of the freys' appeal is scombed for late march. It aer pass the family is reaching out to achan to reconcile and arrange visitation and for now he seems open to it. He says the family took good care of his girl little girl and recognizes they love her, as well. Dan and bianna. That's really nice. I hope they can. That would be the best solution. Maybe they can help with the potty training. Brushing the hair. The hard stuff coming up. Tanya, thank you. Let's check back in with ron

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{"id":18327992,"title":"Solider Reunited With Newborn Daughter After Long Custody Battle","duration":"2:40","description":"Tanya Rivero reports the latest details on adoption case that resulted in 22 month fight.","url":"/GMA/video/solider-reunited-newborn-daughter-long-custody-battle-18327992","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}