Southwest Flight Makes Rough Landing in New York

Landing-gear collapsed as a 747 touched down at LaGuardia Airport.
2:23 | 07/23/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Southwest Flight Makes Rough Landing in New York
. To that hard landing overnight at new york's LaGUARDIA AIRPORT. The landing gear collapsing after touching down on that runway. 150 people onboard, passengers and crew. And they had to use emergency chutes to exthat plane. Reporter: It began as a routine landing, filmed out of a passenger's window. The front of the jet, slamling into the ground. Two views of frightening landing. From the inside, fear. And from the out, you can see the sparks flying. Flames shooting out. Authorities say if the jet landon, the nose gear wrapsed, sending the airplane skidding. The airplane skidded down the runway on its nose. And veered off. Reporter: In the tower, criminalers scrambled to runner other equipment and scramble flights. Onboard, passengers say they felt two, hard thuts. White folk mills the air. The whole plane went down very publicy. That's when the door blew in. They hit the ground pretty hard. There was a lot of folk hitting the plane. Everyone got down the emergency slides. You want to get on the ground and kiss the earth. Reporter: Usually there's a warning light in the cockpit. Apparently not this time. Catching everyone by surprise. So frightening for those onboard. And a big headache for other travel travelers. And moments ago, the one runway that was still closed, they finally opened it. But delays retain for those trying to fly out. And the ntsb is investigating what went wrong. Thank you, lisa, so very much. We're going to look at other top stories developing. Sam was having trouble get wac

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{"id":19744124,"title":"Southwest Flight Makes Rough Landing in New York","duration":"2:23","description":"Landing-gear collapsed as a 747 touched down at LaGuardia Airport.","url":"/GMA/video/southwest-flight-makes-rough-landing-york-19744124","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}