'Spider-Man' star Michael Keaton confirms role in Tim Burton's 'Dumbo'

The actor confirmed he's reuniting with the "original and unique" director.
5:36 | 06/26/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Spider-Man' star Michael Keaton confirms role in Tim Burton's 'Dumbo'
We'll get to another big reader, and a big friend of ours from summer reading to one of the hottest summer blockbusters. Our next guest stars in "Spider-man: Homecoming." You know him as Batman and birdman now vulture, giver it up for Michael Keaton. How are you doing? How are you? Just in case. Yeah. How are you? Nice to see you. Right there. All right. Michael. Yeah. How is everybody this enthusiastic this morning? On Monday too. How do I look in these? Hey, those are good on you. Not bad. You've got your paper. I know. Sorry, I got to shut this off. I got some little -- Congratulations. On this -- Take it. Yeah, please do. I see four. You can have one. Really. Like I was in school. Sarah Jessica parker wants you to have one. Yes, she would. You were always asked do you enough gum for everybody? You know what I mean. We're busted. You got a book for me. Throw it on your pile. We were never allowed to eat the last thing because there were like 19 of us. There were seven kids so you'd have like a minuscule amount of corn left like one kernel because no one would say, hey, I'm not taking the last one. Does that make you jump in first. Well, yeah, you kind of take what you think you should have, you know whey mean and like all the other kids, what should you do? You know what I mean but nobody wants to be the guy to take the last. You have to learn to share. Absolutely. My mom drilled that in us. Makes awe a good person. You bet. Not such a good person in the film. Nice segue there. Oh, wow. You're a bad guy. Misunderstood. That's right. A guy named vulture is just misunderstood. It's true. I think what was kind of smart about how they went about this -- I basically know nothing about any of the lore of -- Spider-man if or any comic book so I had to catch up and when they told me about this guy that I was going to play, I thought it was really interesting. He doesn't have any really -- isn't from outer space. He's a real guy who has a legitimate argument when you see the movie, you'll see why he thinks that, you know,'s not getting what he deswerves. Works hard. Big family guy. Interesting approach to -- A little layered. Very good. George just said it was a little layered. He's right. Let's see a little bit of it. Let's see some layered. How many times have I told you not to fire when I'm out in the open. You shouldn't move the merchandise. Under the radar. Under the radar. If you bring damage control or the avengers down here we're through. You're up there wearing that goofy thing lighting up cars calling yourself the shocker, I shock. What is this, pro wrestling? Layered. She's wise -- she's a smart aleck even early in the morning. You enjoy playing that type of role. Yeah, and those guys were fun, in my crew, were fun to hang around. This movie is really a fun and probably going to be huge. I saw the movie and it's awesome. And you're fantastic. Thanks. I loved your costume. Throughout your career you've had some amazing costumes. Batman, beetlejuice. Birdman. I made my own costumes. Well multitalented. What's your favorite costume to wear? Well, birdman I was in my underwear, that was one of my favorites. When I was a little kid I was almost always in nye underwear. I'm serious. I was. Thanks for sharing. Thank you. Really well built little kid. I was. No, I'm serious. I would wake up the morning and I do not have time to put my clothes on. I just -- yeah, such a great thing to say that to but I'm not going to. So, yeah, it was -- I don't know what my favorite costume was I don't know because it's like, 7:30. I'm barely awake to be honest with you, Jesse. I barely know where I am. Plug really quickly, I heard that you might reunite with Tim Burton. Is that true. I am reuniting with Tim Burton. Play a villain again. I know. It's getting old. Geez, I'm not making this costume. I warranted to tell you, I thought you and Tim together create magic. I'm telling you -- you just -- Yeah, you just want to be around that guy. You know, you want to be in that -- in his sphere because he's original and unique and an artist. Oh. Just like you. Oh, god love Ya. Michael Keaton, always a delight. Thanks. Thanks for making time for us and being here. Michael Keaton. Thanks.

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{"duration":"5:36","description":"The actor confirmed he's reuniting with the \"original and unique\" director.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"48272279","title":"'Spider-Man' star Michael Keaton confirms role in Tim Burton's 'Dumbo'","url":"/GMA/video/spider-man-star-micheal-keaton-confirms-role-tim-48272279"}