Jet Forced to Nosedive to Miss Skydiving Plane

A scary moment for passengers when Spirit Airlines plane climbed after takeoff.
2:03 | 07/02/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jet Forced to Nosedive to Miss Skydiving Plane
an alarming scare in the sky. A terrifying near-miss, when a passenger plane was forced to into a nosedive, on purpose, over michigan, all to avoid a skydiving plane. Passengers called the experience horrifying. And abc's david kerley has the story. Reporter: Passengers on the jet had no warning. The plane took a sudden jump down in altitude. Enough to where we were lifted from our seats. The entire cabin was screaming and crying. Reporter: Jenna and her two daughters were on the spirit airlines flight from detroit to dallas sunday evening. The pilot was told there was a skydiving plane nearby. He could see the smaller plane. Then, suddenly -- that alarm in the cockpit, telling the pilot to dive from 14,400 feet, down 1,600 feet. The flight attendants were not in seat belts. They hit their heads on the ceiling. We were continually going up and down, off of our seats. Reporter: The federal aviation administration is investigating this close call and says there was only 400 vertical feet between the 2 plane, though they were a mile and a half apart. When we did the first drop, i grabbed my little sister because we knew that shouldn't happen. And something bad is going to happen. Reporter: Spirit says our pilots followed appropriate procedures and adjusted their flight path. This is only the latest incident of planes getting too close to each other. Just a couple of weeks ago, two delta aircraft got too close at new york's jfk airport. And this morning, citing several close calls last year, the national temperatures safety board is recommending that the faa changes the way it handles some landing and takeoff situations of aircraft. Back to the spirit airlines incident, what the faa wants to know, is did the pilots do what they were supposed to do? Did the controllers do what they were supposed to do, as well? The investigation continues.

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{"id":19552282,"title":"Jet Forced to Nosedive to Miss Skydiving Plane","duration":"2:03","description":"A scary moment for passengers when Spirit Airlines plane climbed after takeoff.","url":"/GMA/video/spirit-airlines-jet-forced-nosedive-miss-skydiving-plane-19552282","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}