Spotify Suggests President Obama Become the 'President of Playlists'

Plus, actress Gabrielle Union joins the "GMA" team to weigh in on the etiquette of buying items sold by your friends or friends' kids.
11:05 | 01/10/17

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Transcript for Spotify Suggests President Obama Become the 'President of Playlists'
a proper welcome back to Michael Strahan? Yes. Thank you. Welcome back. Thank you. You know, it feels good to be back. I missed you guys so much. I did watch when I was on vacation and saw you even though you couldn't see me. One thing you do miss is the incredible energy of our audience. So thank you, guys. So much. Wonderful to have you back and, you know, for your return we thought we'd get a very special guest. Someone we enjoy having at the table with us. Bring it on now, she stars in her hit show "Being Mary Jane," she's got this new movie coming out. Can't wait to talk to her about with Jamie Foxx, please welcome Gabrielle union. Bring it on. Thank you. Good to see you. Thanks for being here. How are you? Hello. Oh, mwah, good to see you. Yes, yes. So, welcome. Welcome. So beautiful. So talented. So sweet. Love that. Did my mother call you this morning. Just give her compliments. Get her going. She'll stay. We'll start out big night for president Obama tonight. He is giving his farewell address but, you know, he's got about ten days lift. Already got his first public job offer comes from Spotify. They are looking for a president of playlists and here's what they want. They're looking for someone who has at least eight years experience running a highly regarded nation. He can handle that. What you have to do, analyze data and performance of playlists in a transparent manner using all available intelligence. He has it. And, you know, if you happen to have Kendrick Lamar play at your parties, it works too. So here's the question. If you were president of playlist, what kind of things would you put together for and I know you got one, Michael. Getting up in the morning. Bill withers' "Lovely day." Nice. ??? Wake up in the morning ??? yeah, that gets me going. Hear that. I love that. Road trip, I would do "24 karat" by -- ??? Yeah. Playlist. There we go. That's it. Love Bruno. How about you? What would you add? I'm a big bon jovi guy. Serenading you, you and your cool friends. Gabrielle, you fly around a lot. You're everywhere. You're so busy. When you're on the airplane what's your playlist. Well, I'm obsessed with Bruno Mars right now, like obsessed. Good energy. Beyonce at any time is never a bad thing. But the "Hamilton" mix tape. Oh! No, you didn't. Honey. That "Hamilton" mix tape is everything -- the ashanti/ja rule "Helpless." Stop it. Even the Jimmy Fallon with -- is amazing on that. It is one of the best -- I'm obsessed. The whole thing. Who knew? If you guys are not hip to it -- Download it right now. It will change your life. It will. All right. So -- Go ahead. I want to say something. Sometimes there are songs you hear and remind you something. When I'm cooking I put on this song and think of George and Ali. ??? Talk about moving ??? Remember this. Remember way back when you told me that this was the song that -- This was on one of our first dates. I liked it too. She thought it was the cheesiest thing in the world. But she still married me. I know but every time I hear that song, I think of George and Ali. I haven't heard it in a long time. Dan -- It is ray goody. From now on I'll think about George and Ali. ??? I'm not talking about moving in ??? That's one of those songs, I'm not talking about -- And I don't want to change your life. The stars are out and I just really want to see you tonight. All right. See you later, girl. All right, let's change topics. Quickly. So, do you guys find it hard to say no when you're -- your friends' kids try to sell you cookies or wrapping paper or your friends have makeup lines or skin care lines? Does it happen to you guys where you get invited? Well, I don't actually. I am one of the people -- I just feel badly. I buy the girl scout cookies and sit in my cabinet until I have a weak moment. But there's an article that we want to share with you guys where -- an etiquette expert talked about -- darn it. Where is it? I was so organized. This expert talks about what do you do? What's the right thing to do and the answer is you do not have to feel obligated. You do not. Look somebody in the eye and say no, I don't want it. No. Come on. That's -- I know. But even though it's not feeling obligated. You want to help out. How many of us have felt obligated afternoon bought the cookies. Oh, yeah. I look for those kids. I'm like -- Round them up. Right. Yes. The jewelry line where you're like -- Thin mints. All day. It's very good. I would like to say I -- If it was my kids you might not think so, I don't know. Jewelry. Your kids, I would have to buy their jewelry. Bring it on, kids. I don't know. It's one of those social sort of conundrums. How do you get out of it? What you do if you really don't like the product that your friends are selling like I mean a lot of women do to make extra money sell skin care or makeup. If you don't need it or don't want it but feel uncomfortable the suggestion is a, you know, can I make a donation and, you know, to just offer -- which I'll take a skin care product then. If I'm going to shell out the money -- Help the business. I know. That's why I said to my producer there are no real answers here and she said, no, but it's good food for thought so there you have it. We've answered nothing. Have a great day. Let's get some answers now from Gabrielle. How do you love being in Chicago? You and -- My gosh, I'm from the midwest. He's from Chicago. The back story that he just got traded in case you didn't know. He was a free agent so he was like where can I go? Sorry. There's a difference? Oh, yeah. Sorry. Traded is like -- No trade. Sorry, Dwyane. He chose to go back to Chicago. He chose. But he's from -- He's from Miami -- Originally from Robbins, Illinois, south side of Chicago. Played all 13 years in Miami and then, you know, free agent this summer and decided to go back home and to play in front of his mom and -- Ah, I love that. I know. Did you treat yourself to a great pair of winter boots? I treat myself to food. Chicago has some of the best restaurants. Oh, that's great. None of that Hollywood diet for me in Chicago. I'm just inhaling things. If you see me, don't talk to me. Wave from across the way because I'm inhaling things but we love it. We love it. That's fantastic. The kids have already settled in really nicely and playing high school basketball and everybody is, you know, doing really well. The weather is a little bit of a challenge. Dwyane playing basketball. The kids are playing basketball. But, you know, to be able to -- check out the throwback photo of you -- Bring it. Yeah, look at that. 23. 23. You're M.J. I didn't know you played. Oh, yeah. I was a jock. I did like year-round sport, basketball, soccer, track. But can we -- what was happening? I think you're adorable. Oh, my goodness. Oh. Oh! Yeah, that was in my power station Duran Duran days. I had bleached -- we can't tell but I had dumped my bangs in a bowl of peroxide then sat out in the sun. Wouldn't recommend it, kids, but it was bright red and, yeah. Clearly I cut one side myself because it's a little shorter than the other. But everything worked out for you. Got the braces off and wigs came on. It's new day. I didn't -- I didn't mean it that way. I mean just everything that's coming your way with -- I mean, "Mary Jane" for the fourth season. That's just -- come on, "Being Mary Jane" and you play a morning show, so does this kind of bring back, you know being on the show. Mary Jane hasn't made it to the anchor desk yet. She's working on it. She's working on it. Scheming on getting there but, no, she's starting over. Got fired from her last job and she's, you know, pushing 40 and having to start over. So she's low man on the totem pole and she is completely humbled and got to fight her way back up. I tell you what, I watched the show and I'm like, ooh, Dwyane wade going to be mad at you for that scene but it's such -- you're excellent in this -- in the show. You really are. We'll take a look at you in action. Let's check it out, Gabrielle union. So, is it really your birthday or did you just want to be on camera. Suddenly feels like my birthday standing here with you. Oh. How old are you -- Too well to know anything about your surprise hip-hop act but I'm going to stick around and listen. Oh, my goodness. How adorable is he? All of our birthday boys and girls here and out there, happy birthday. That pause. I'm learning. I watch. I watch a lot of morning news now and I have to work on my perkiness because it's not a natural thing and the pauses. Especially at this hour. You had the movie "Sleepless" coming out with Jamie Foxx. Yeah. And looks like a serious movie but he's always such a jokester. How was it on set with him? Jamie is nonstop. It's nonstop. It's a stand-up show but we're both, you know, huge sports fans so we talk a lot of sports. We talk a lot of smack. I bet you do. But comes second nature for me. It looks so good? We had a ball. His impersonation of Lebron is -- Does he have one of your husband. Oh, yeah, yeah. I don't think it's as good as his impersonation of Lebron, but, yeah. I don't think my husband would find it as amusing as I do. Well, you know, we're so happy you came and joined us. Thank you for coming on. Gabrielle union, "Being Mary Jane," it returns to B.E.T. Tonight, don't miss it and "Sleepless" hits theaters on Friday. Make sure you check that out, as well.

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{"duration":"11:05","description":"Plus, actress Gabrielle Union joins the \"GMA\" team to weigh in on the etiquette of buying items sold by your friends or friends' kids.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44667260","title":"Spotify Suggests President Obama Become the 'President of Playlists'","url":"/GMA/video/spotify-suggests-president-obama-president-playlists-44667260"}