Hot New Toys for Spring Preview

Josh and Lara check out some of the fun gadgets for kids this spring.
3:16 | 04/05/13

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Transcript for Hot New Toys for Spring Preview
We have someone here -- the thinking about the coolest gadgets out there. Glory glory days their last -- back jacks so she's got her. -- -- -- -- Let me when we -- don't we got. Let's just say yeah let's start then yeah. Right you know like it's getting nice -- it's time to get those kids that. Cited blanks that we've joined that we're gonna take you -- claim it like. Ready if it's -- actually have to -- black. These are all terrain vehicles hit the camera light runner that we actually have -- he might sit here and -- -- -- -- Into our wrapped smaller -- to look at the trend this is the off road to fit kids -- -- and -- -- you get the green -- applies here. It felt like yeah. Well it. Act like fifth grade -- come around but doesn't want anything shocking. I'm just gonna take a break to making a great effect -- get -- yeah. -- -- -- Alford -- we have I didn't need right. -- -- -- exit didn't think about -- we have our you know little leg -- higher chip. And of course -- -- bubble lamp there. Right everyone loves the bubble then when we will know that there aren't what -- I thought that he could -- -- now we played together. So what you. All right yeah. That have been -- yeah. -- may not. I love you could eat meat anywhere what. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- yeah we. And different is not good haven't tried to point out why -- -- I didn't know you can't pardon. -- yeah. I think it all up to 300 feet on the right defeat like I like -- it's nice sense -- let's see what I can do here but -- Another I wanna do another -- poor little guy yeah. Yeah I. So these are really cool -- So what we daily if we give it a little platinum -- tell -- -- -- Yeah. Com I -- what are you -- You -- Wow and I really ready to sign. Atlanta I don't listen to try to battle. I haven't yeah yeah yeah yeah. Just the company. Clearly here one yeah. Personal. Etc. and it what we thank you -- this information anywhere.

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{"id":18889089,"title":"Hot New Toys for Spring Preview","duration":"3:16","description":"Josh and Lara check out some of the fun gadgets for kids this spring.","url":"/GMA/video/spring-toy-guide-2013-hot-toys-spring-preview-18889089","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}