'Squinching' Can Make You Look Good in Every Photo

Photographer Peter Hurley claims one facial expression can make you more photogenic.
3:00 | 11/22/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Squinching' Can Make You Look Good in Every Photo
Now, we turn to the secret of looking picture-perfect in every photo. According to a new video from a professional photographer that has gone superviral, there's one facial expression that makes everyone instantly look better. It's called squinching. And we sent sara haines out to learn how it's done. Sara? Reporter: Thanks, lara. Insmartphones, everyone has a camera. And what if there's one look that guaranteed a better picture? There is. Meet the squinch. Celebs do it on the red carpet. Models do it on the runway. Tyra banks even did it on "gma." Perfecting her picture-perfect pose by smizing. Befine what a smize is. It's to smile with your eyes. Reporter: Now, it's all about the art of the squinch. The squinch. A magical combo of squinting and pinching, that can transform your deer in headlights look, into a sultry gaze. It's the secret weapon of photographer and former model, peter hurley, who hosted a 15-minute tutorial to his youtube channel on tuesday. That now has more than 175,000 hits and counting. I went to peter's new york studio to see how I could up my say cheese game. Now, I want you to squinch. Reporter: What is squinching? I would have to say that squinching is narrowing the distance between your pupil and your lower eyelid, to create confidence to the onlooker. Reporter: Why did you come with squinch? I needed a word for it because I could tell people to squint. I have to make another word for this. Reporter: You want to pick up a girl at the coffee shop, squinch. Reporter: Peter is no stranger to sharing his tricks of the trade. You don't want to be like this. Because this is overkill. Reporter: Last year, he posted this video to youtube on how to accent your jaw line. And it went viral, with almost 1 million hits. I want to help people look better in pictures. Especially with all of the pictures being taken these days. Reporter: Tools peter says will make your next selfie session ooze with confidence. We said it's people get nervous in front of the camera. And they kind of freeze up. This will give you an emotion. We naturally squinch when we're talking. You did it. You're doing it right now. You said bring your lower lid up. I don't think that's possible. Squinting is closing your eyes. Squinching is when your eyes stay open. But you bring the lower lid up. I added a lot of emotion. I feel it. I would like to see dan harris squinch, please? Can't do anything other than smirk. That's the only special expression I can do. You do it so well. Yes, I do. I'm doing it right now. Our viewers got in on the act. We have some selfies of squinching. Do we have these? Look at these. What's a pretty good one. I'm not a pro yet because i actually struggle with the squinch. I think it's pretty good. That's a squinch. Mr. There you go. That's a smirking squinch. That's like you, dan. I like the before and after. Nicely done. That one was -- that equals unstoppable. He cheated. That was fun. They look like squinting. Because you are squinting right now. Fair.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Photographer Peter Hurley claims one facial expression can make you more photogenic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"20977688","title":"'Squinching' Can Make You Look Good in Every Photo","url":"/GMA/video/squinching-make-good-photo-20977688"}