Star-Studded Affair at the US Open's Opening Ceremony

Jesse Palmer reports the buzziest stories in "GMA's" Pop News.
3:09 | 09/01/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Star-Studded Affair at the US Open's Opening Ceremony
We have a good "Pop news" ahead. Awesome Monday. U.s. Open tennis. It was a little strange but at least tennis got going and Monday did mark the start of the U.S. Open and, boy, oh, boy, was it ever a star-studded event. Singer josh groban headlining the opening ceremony. Celebrities like Alec Baldwin, Anna wintour, Martha Stewart, Aman Amanda Seyfried. Tons of action on the court. Serena and Venus Williams, Novak djokovic all aced their first rounds and the tournament sure to serve up more where that came it and got tennis news of our our very own Lara is getting inducted onto the board of the international tennis hall of fame this evening. Wow. I think it's just because I really love the sport and I will be a good sort of spokesperson and cheerleader for it. It has fog to do with my ability. It's going to be a lot of fun. I want to clarify. I really do love the sport. It's so great for kis and so, thank you. And more to come on that. Are you a serve and volleyer or baseline player. A serve and volleyer. Get there and crush. Drop shots on the way. Whatever it Tays. I respect your game, Lara. Well, we're closing in on the end of the summer. For "Pitch perfect" star Anna Kendrick, that means live tweeting edition. She documented her experience with the #organizingday. Tweeting this, for example, quick question, why are H&M hangers the best? Both shirt and pant. Can I buy them? She also tweeted later why do you have a blue pixie-cut wig? Because it was $25 and I had $25. I understand that. No easy task. A few hours in she mentioned stray Bobbie pins, you are my refer Everest. Hard to pick up. I have that same problem. George, me too. It gets you every time and the blue wigs also. George, you though what I'm saying. Why did we spend that 25 bucks. He participated and then you pushed it too far. Reel it back in. Reel it back in. Well, guys, it's officially September and so many kids now heading back to school, in addition to math and spelling, is the all-important subject of school lunch. The website decided to put Americans to the test trying lunches from around the world. Oh, man. Oh, wow. Not on my list today. Bye-bye. You're off my list. Do I have to? Yeah. I have to, great. It's the real story of my life. A bunch of carrots filled with raisin, no thank you. Really have to expand your palette early and gives them a chance to try them fromng north. Houston about to get it, moisture pooling in. 93 foreport and an air quality alert in case anybody has asthma problems down through Jersey and D.C. Cindy: Good morning. 72 in Boston right now.

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{"duration":"3:09","description":"Jesse Palmer reports the buzziest stories in \"GMA's\" Pop News.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33449759","title":"Star-Studded Affair at the US Open's Opening Ceremony","url":"/GMA/video/star-studded-affair-us-opens-opening-ceremony-33449759"}