Steelers linebacker suffers major back injury

Ryan Shazier's injury came in the first quarter of his team's 23-20 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals during a "Monday Night Football" game.
2:53 | 12/05/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Steelers linebacker suffers major back injury
Overnight the Monday night football match-up between the Bengals and steelers took a dangerous turn. Ryan Shazier suffered a major back injury in a routine tackle it seemed like. T.J. Has more. We all love football. But we got a scary reminder of just what these guys -- you guys really put on the line every single play. Can be a life-changing event every play. Let me show it to you here, folks. Ryan Shazier is his name. This looks like a fairly innocuous play. He immediately reaches for his back and he rolls over and what everyone took note of he didn't seem to be moving his legs. Andhat scared the mess out of everybody who was watching this game. Now, we're told now he's in the hospital. He has what is called a spinal contusion and doesn't need surgery that is good but still we got to wait to hear more about this. With this backdrop two other things happened in this game that were scary as anything. That hit on vontaze burfict. Look at it. What they're trying to get out of football. And then another hit and on Antonio brown in a touchdown he caught in the end zone. He see his head snap back. Again, Strahan, brings you into this because this was a -- this is the only game last night. A showcase game for the NFL and this is what the country got to see. A great game but it's overshadowed by the brutality and, again, the two like those hits that were illegal finds probably going to come out of it. Maybe suspensions, the first one happened to -- Shazier. Shay sheer, excuse me but one of those things, scared the mess out of you. When you watch it it is one of the biggest referralries out there and they go at it quite a bit but when you see guys that take shots at other guy, it's so unnecessary. They don't think they can get hurt on that as well. I think that's where it's lost. We know they have long-term effects. This is where guys need to realize this is not about right now but your future. What is going on in that end zone hit. That is one of those he catches the ball, I need to separate him from the ball. Need to make sure this is not a touchdown. I'd rather take the penalty instead of him score the points. And that's just what your mentality is when you're out there on the field but I got to say it's tough because with Shazier's injury, regular play, I've been out there and you've seen a guy's leg snap. You can hear it and looking at the guy. You are both look the at each other like do we have to do it but then it's business as usual. What about Gronk? Like that -- that was -- the guy was on the field totally out of the play and for him -- that's so unlike him. Players haven't gotten I you're all fraternity. You're still a from terps and I'm told I got to stop here so let me leave it there. It's all unnecessary.

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{"id":51583382,"title":"Steelers linebacker suffers major back injury","duration":"2:53","description":"Ryan Shazier's injury came in the first quarter of his team's 23-20 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals during a \"Monday Night Football\" game.","url":"/GMA/video/steelers-linebacker-suffers-major-back-injury-51583382","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}