Steve Carell Goes From Magic to Murder

Actor discusses working with Carrey, David Copperfield in "The Incredible Burt Wonderstone."
3:32 | 03/13/13

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Transcript for Steve Carell Goes From Magic to Murder
here to talk about his new movie "the incredible burt wonderstone." I can't say it like robin. You play a superstar magician from the vegas strip who has lost his touch. Let's take a look that's a lovely bracelet. May I see that for a minute. Take your time. Yes. Ah, there we go. Now, watch this. Where did it go? I don't know. My granddaughter gave that to me. What have you done? It's right here. I have it. I have it. It's right here. Oh. I'm a magician. I should have explained that to you earlier. Steve carell is here. that scene is the toned down burt wonderstone. Right. That's the guy. Yeah, that's the guy, the hair, the tan -- skin lightened up a little since the movie. Thank you, I appreciate it. The movie is about a little boy who becomes mesmerized by magic, getting a magic kit when he's 7 or 8 years old and you were one of those geeks. Thank you. I was. You know, yeah, I had a magic kit when I was a kid and did shows for kids in the neighborhood. It never turned into anything, but, yeah, see, I was somebody who loved to not find out the trick. Not find out. Yeah, pulling the curtain back I would much rather not know how it was done. Two camps, ones who like that and ones who don't want to know. You worked with david copperfield. He designed this big trick in the movie called the hangman. He actually designed this illusion for us to do and we -- steve buscemi and I did it on stage. It was kind of fun. Looked like a lot of fun. We have to talk about jim ckc carrey. He is out of his mind. It is like vintage jim carrey. He's just going for it. Crazy. I mean you just never know what he's going to do. No, and we didn't when we were shooting neither. That's part -- how much did he play with it. All the time. Every take would be different. You know, he would do 20 takes in a row and be invariably funny. If he played a daniel day-lewis and didn't break character on set. No, he wasn't in character the whole time, thankfully steve and I found when in scenes with jim the hardest part was in keeping in the scene because you just want to be an audience member and watch him -- wow. What are you doing. He's so creative. You're the producer of this movie, as well so you got to bring this entire cast together and it is an amazing -- it's a good cast, yeah. Who was the hardest one to get. The hardest one to get probably jim, you know, that was sort of a long shot. I just -- you know, we made a call and he read the script and loved it but alan arkin was a real -- I just love him. What a perfect role for him. Well, I think he can do anything. Olivia wilde is great and steve buscemi and james gandolfini. Great group. Certainly is. You told us you'll start to film "anchorman" but your next movie had a very different turn. You play a murderer. Yeah. Tell us about it. That, it's called "fox catcher." Ben miller is directing it and IT'S A STORY OF JOHN DuPONT AND It's very dark and it's -- yeah, it's a departure for sure. So you're just mixing it up a little it about. Mixing it up, yeah. FROM JOHN DuPONT TO BRICK. We hope you learned something here this morning. Thank you. I did. I always do. "The incredible burt

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{"id":18718134,"title":"Steve Carell Goes From Magic to Murder","duration":"3:32","description":"Actor discusses working with Carrey, David Copperfield in \"The Incredible Burt Wonderstone.\"","url":"/GMA/video/steve-carell-interview-gma-incredible-burt-wonderstone-discusses-18718134","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}