Stolen NASCAR Sprint Cup Car Found Miles From Georgia Hotel

Travis Kvapil's race car was stolen from a hotel parking lot in Loganville, Georgia.
2:30 | 02/28/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Stolen NASCAR Sprint Cup Car Found Miles From Georgia Hotel
Got some breaking news about a brazen robbery. You can see it right here. It is rocking the NASCAR world. That's right. Someone stole a race car right out of a hotel parking lot. Granted it was in that trailer and Linzie Janis is here with new information from police on the case. Good morning. Reporter: Good morning. Overnight police in Georgia say they found the stolen race car telling us it was dumped not far from where it was taken. But who took it and why remains a mystery. This morning this stolen $300,000 race car found after an extraordinary heist hit one of America's biggest sports. A first in NASCAR's history, this custom stock car gone in seconds on Friday morning leaving racing team extreme and driver Travis qwapil no choice but to drop out. I got texts and voice mails and thought they were messing around. Reporter: The robbery caught on surveillance camera. At 5:34 A.M. This 15-foot trailer hitched to a plaque pickup truck seen speeding off. Inside that trailer according to Georgia police, car number 44, a chevrolet along with an extra engine and spare parts worth more than $100,000. The craziest story. The car is immaculate. Not like anything you'll see on the street. Definitely a one of a kind. Reporter: Kvapil made headlines for his, dude, where's my car overnight? It was dumped 35 miles away from that hotel. Posting these photos on Twitter, the race car's owner John Cohen stunned. You get a car stolen, you buy another one. A race car you have to build. Reporter: Thankfully there is that's a rebuild he won't have to start. Well, no damage to the car but some of those spare parts are still missing. Our thanks to wsrb our station in Atlanta for the story. The team's owner thinks whoever stole it was after the trailer. Not something you can easily shift. It is a large trailer but the unfortunately part he can't raced because he missed qualifying. They're running tomorrow in Atlanta motor speedway. Yes, they are. Thank you very much, Linzie. I'm quiet on the NASCAR story. We don't let him talk during

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{"id":29292815,"title":"Stolen NASCAR Sprint Cup Car Found Miles From Georgia Hotel","duration":"2:30","description":"Travis Kvapil's race car was stolen from a hotel parking lot in Loganville, Georgia.","url":"/GMA/video/stolen-nascar-sprint-cup-car-found-miles-georgia-29292815","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}