Students Pay for Items Despite Unattended Store

New Jersey store owner rewards William Paterson University students' honesty with a shopping spree.
1:53 | 08/28/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Students Pay for Items Despite Unattended Store
This is the kind of headline we wish we -- report every day honest shoppers finding no wanted to cash register. But they left the money for everything that they bought anyway the whole episode was caught on camera and when the store owner -- the -- he rewarded the young men for -- -- The BA BC's Tim Fleischer has the story. These four friends -- -- Bruce Anthony -- Thomas James and Kelly -- more will show you a lesson in honesty. Caught on security cameras as they get her body small -- store here in Maureen never thinking it closed for the day. A little bit because I opened a door and it was a lot of -- -- Giuliani leads the way down the stairs to start shopping. Normally the light should lift -- -- in the store so the guys had no reason to think that the store wasn't open at the time. They then make their way down to the -- here where one of them starts looking for -- bugs. We like ten minutes trying to find people on the -- we went in the back we open door and yelled knowing Nancy right. It's so there must -- They looked for people. They didn't steal any -- they didn't ransacked the place. And mommy finally figured out no -- that there is -- This -- the money. And to prove it Kelly -- the money for an audio cable he was buying at the camera here it is and left it on the counter. Then told -- bought batteries he waved his money at the camera to use the money in tax tribunal and doesn't -- backside -- -- -- burning these young men high praise from the -- -- -- letter. -- -- -- Hey he instead the guy's got a shopping spree and this time they did not have to pay. He alienates. Awesome guy and that's the best friends are you look at both students at William Paterson University. I'll have a sophisticated everybody's been -- surveillance cameras these they'd like here -- good yeah yeah yeah they.

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{"id":20095576,"title":"Students Pay for Items Despite Unattended Store","duration":"1:53","description":"New Jersey store owner rewards William Paterson University students' honesty with a shopping spree.","url":"/GMA/video/students-pay-items-unattended-store-20095576","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}