Patriots' Bill Belichick 'Shocked' to Learn About 'Deflate-Gate'

Head coach of the New England Patriots addresses media, saying he's never talked to players about ball pressure.
3:00 | 01/22/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Patriots' Bill Belichick 'Shocked' to Learn About 'Deflate-Gate'
Just moments ago patriots coach Bill Belichick addressed the media he says he knows nothing about the plated football's senate anyone on the patriots know. At one of the many questions being asked at the NFL investigation could wrap up soon. Bill bella Jack finding himself on the hot seat this morning I came in Monday morning. Shock to. Learn of the news reports about the football's. No knowledge whatsoever the situation still. Monday morning. Grilled about the plate deep on the first day of Super Bowl media availability as questions persist about whether or not the patriots may have tampered with footballs before. It stated in my entire coaching career. I have never. Talked to any player. Staff member. About. Football air pressure. Sources telling our sister network ESPN. The Indianapolis Colts complained during this regular season game on November 16. After pulled safety Mike Adams intercepted two walls he thought were deflated. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady even talking about deflated footballs during his 2011. Interview while joking about tight end Rob Gronkowski. Quite the ball and deflate the ball which had left active like you know that the inflatable. As for Sunday's game league sources tell ESPN. That eleven of twelve football's the patriots have to beat the colts were under inflated by two pounds per square inch the NFL telling ABC news. The bulls were properly inspected and approved. Two hours and fifteen minutes before the game experts say the only time the patriots could deflated the balls was in the midst of pork tickled. Or during the game on the sidelines with cameras watching. So I wanted to see how long ACC since you've just that. Just like that. But 34 seconds and ESPN sports science tackling another question this morning there's an under inflated ball actually help but so. Typical NFL player whether growing before receiving could apply roughly one. A half percent more force to the ball. Around the country the pats have taken on an aura of the evil empire. With headlines this morning blaring. The patriots should be disqualified from the Super Bowl. And depleting the ball beneath both but this is the pats however don't tell that to the people of Boston. Fourteenth on the best teams up with somebody to condemn the Pickens. Bracelet and a handful of quarterbacks that successfully lobbied the NFL to let teams use their own football's on offense. And while many say two pounds of pressure isn't very much. Some say that if they intentionally deflated balls it's about playing the game the right way Robin.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Head coach of the New England Patriots addresses media, saying he's never talked to players about ball pressure.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"28399022","title":"Patriots' Bill Belichick 'Shocked' to Learn About 'Deflate-Gate'","url":"/GMA/video/super-bowl-2015-deflate-gate-patriots-bill-belichick-28399022"}