Super-Fit Mom Accused of Fat-Shaming

Abby Pell says she was hoping to "lead by example" and motivate other mothers to get fit.
1:55 | 01/23/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Super-Fit Mom Accused of Fat-Shaming
heat index," the mom working a firestorm for boasting about her fitness. ABC's Mara schiavocampo has her story. Reporter: It's the fitspiration leading to irritation. This photo of fitness competitor Abby Pell attracting criticism after the 33-year-old UK mom posted an instagram snap of her abs next to her gaping 6-year-old with the caption, I have a kid, a six-pack and no excuse. I just thought it would be funny. Reporter: But not everyone is laughing. Many accusing Pell of fat-shaping moms. Comments like she's teaching her kid that anyone who doesn't conform has no excuse, they're just lazy. Others defending her. One writing "You have inspired me to work harder at the gym." Now, Pell is speaking out saying she simply wanted to motivate moms. My message was about having a choice and showing people that it can be achieved if you want to achieve it and just by leading by example. Reporter: Responses to Pell's pic are similar to the backlash against momma ria kang in 2013 when she posted this picture with her three sons and the caption "What's your excuse?" I didn't call you fat. I didn't call you lazy. I think that I represent a mother who is healthy and who can be a positive role model to other mothers. Reporter: Still some say pictures like this can send a different message. Let's give props to this person who is in great shape but I think that certainly when you're talking about moms bouncing back from pregnancy, we have enough pressure on us as mothers. Reporter: One woman's six-pack sparking countless conversations. For "Good morning America," Mara schiavocampo, ABC news, new York.

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{"duration":"1:55","description":"Abby Pell says she was hoping to \"lead by example\" and motivate other mothers to get fit.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"28427510","title":"Super-Fit Mom Accused of Fat-Shaming ","url":"/GMA/video/super-fit-mom-accused-fat-shaming-28427510"}