Super Saver Showdown Finale

"Shark Tank" star Barbara Corcoran and money-saving experts share their secret saving tips.
8:29 | 01/26/16

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Transcript for Super Saver Showdown Finale
We'll see who will win. The big finale of our supersaver takeover and Barbara Corcoran will show their best tips yet. That's coming up. 2 Test message cc1 Test message Test Text1 underline Test Text1 italics Test Text1 Tonight -- This is "What would you do?" It's back all new and what people do when they see two mean girls pressure their friends. If you want a guy to like you need to lose weight by taking the diet pills. My friend -- Why don't you mind your own business. Can't, can't. What happens when this dad refuses to buy ice cream for his own son. Ice cream is for winners and you're a loser. Will blow you away. Please, buy him an ice cream. I'll even pay for it. "What would you do?" Tonight at 10:00, 9:00 central on ABC. What if you had a thousand dollars hiding in your closet. The new apps people like you are using to uncover big money they never imagined they had. Hanging right now in your closet. Cash in tomorrow with ABC's "Good morning America." ? All right. We are back now in our saving stadium. I love the sound of that for the finale of our showdown. Biggest names in bargains going head-to-head and we have "Shark tank's" Barbara Corcoran here with us to help. Thank you. Thank you. Barbara, when it comes to amassing wealth a lot think it's about what you earn but you say a lot of it is what you save. It has nothing to do with what you earn because the reality is that most of us spend everything that we earn. So the key is saving a portion of what you earn and today we're going to get the best tip, my ears are open. I want to learn how to save money. All right. And so that's right. Our supersaving stars are all here with us again today. The crazy coupon lady Joanie Demer. Consumer reporter and author of "Bargain fever" mark ellworth. And the money coach, personal finance expert Lynette khalfani-cox. After our first day of competition Joanie is in the lead with an average savings 49% Lynette has 42% and mark has 40%. Look at that smile. It's everybody's game. Here's how it works. We'll spin the wheel once again and all-stars will give us their best tip saving in that category. Let's spin the wheel. And let's see where it lands, on clothing. All right. So, Joanie, let's start with you. Your best deal. All right, you heard me talk about stacking coupons at the grocery store but what you don't know is that you can also stack coupons online. Many retailers allow multiple coupons and kolh's and gap allow four or five coupons per order so keep in mind not every code will stack. Your best back look for different codes. A 15% off code plus a free shipping code or a $10 off your purchase plus a 25% off sale. So I bought two women's workout tees, the retail price, $54 but after I stacked two coupon codes at I paid only $23. A savings of. Which is a savings of 57%. Wow. Two coupon codes. I did not know that. Mark, I'm giving you 50 bucks for those two T shirts right now. I'll take it. If you want a sweet deal online not just for clothes I have a secret discount ray gun that costs you absolutely nothing. In store honey in your browser. Checkout page hit that page and it will scrape the internet for any coupons. We found a gap trench coat at 138 bucks, honey found a 40 buck discount for us. Wow. Which is a savings of 29%. Very nice. Nicely done. All right, Lynette, your secret for saving? Well, I think that you should buy clothes for children online at a daily deal site called Every day they put one fantastic item on sale at a crazy discount and keep it on sale until that item runs out. Now, I was able to recently get for my 10-year-old daughter Alexis, hi, Alexis if you're watch, I was able to get her four different winter weather clothing items recently including a very nice coat. Now, the retail cost for those four items would have been $105 but I paid only $42. Wow. Thank you very much. Which is a savings of. Big old 60% savings. Great. Right. There you go. So Lynette takes this round. We'll tabulate the two-day results. While you're doing that why don't you give us your supersaving secret. I'm out to compete with these people. You know, you think that you need thousands of dollars to invest in the stock markets for the rich folks out there. Not the case anymore. Because there's a brand-new app called acorns and this is how it works. Every time you use your credit card or your debit card to make an acquisition of any item or group of items they will round up that charge amount to the nearest dollar and invest that difference automatically in a mutual fund, painless. It's like dropping your change into a bowl on your table like we all do every day. Except the bowl is charging interest. The charge for this making a lot of money she's right but the charge is only $1 a month. If you're a student or under 21 no charge at all. That is sweet. I like that. Barbara is not competitive at all. I am. That's why you've done it right. Thank you. Now time to reveal our winner after three rounds of competition in our supersaver showdown "Gma's" ultimate supersaver is Joanie Demer. All right. We can give you the trophy. Congratulations to Joanie and everyone in our savings stadium. You guys want to look into this. Everyone in the stadium gets a $25 American Express gift card as a big thank you.

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{"duration":"8:29","description":"\"Shark Tank\" star Barbara Corcoran and money-saving experts share their secret saving tips.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"36522490","title":"Super Saver Showdown Finale","url":"/GMA/video/super-saver-showdown-finale-36522490"}