Rebuilding Continues One Year After Sandy

Lower Manhattan, Staten Island and the Jersey Shore were devastated when the superstorm struck.
3:05 | 10/29/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Rebuilding Continues One Year After Sandy
Now, superstorm sandy, the disaster striking exactly one year ago today. One of the worst hurricanes ever to hit the northeast, killed at least 117 people. Cost an estimated $65 billion in damage. The road to recovery, as you can imagine, has not been an easy one. This is breezy point, right after the storm. And breezy point today. Abc's amy robach is there for us this morning. Good morning, amy. Reporter: Robin, good morning to you. About 350 homes were destroyed in this small tightknit community, a fire ripped through where hundreds of homes used to stand. People here who lost everything, one year later, are still trying to rebuild their lives. Rain, fires and floods destroying hundreds of thousands of homes along the eastern seaboard, as superstorm sandy made landfall one year ago today. You can't see the edge of the fence. But I can't get there anyway. That means the water is about this high. Reporter: Failing power grids leaving 2 million homes in new york city in the dark. There is an eerie calm here. Total and complete darkness broken by the flashing lights of police cars. Reporter: This morning, the east coast is still rebuilding, from homes in staten island, to businesses in lower manhattan. To the devastated jersey shore. On monday, our ginger zee flew over the changed coastline. Right in front of us, you see a huge pile of debris. Reporter: One of the hardest-hit areas, breezy point in queens, new york. A six-alarm fire tearing through this neighborhood, ravishing over 100 homes overnight. Many expected there would be flooding and power. And the fire just erupted. Reporter: Abc news met home owner joann, last year. I feel devastated. Reporter: Her basement, flooding to the top of these stairs. This was her basement yesterday. Here it is today. This was the water line. Reporter: Joanne and her husband, frank, survived without water, power or heat. I have the bricks in there. Reporter: One way they beat cold november nights, wrapping warm bricks in towels to warm their bed. I'm afraid to refinish it now. I want to see if we make it through the winter. Reporter: Lifetime breezy point resident, fran, is making her home habitable. You were able to see what the damage was. What was your reaction? It was devastating. It was -- here's your life. Your whole life, your memories, everything. And it was gone. Reporter: Tonight, communities in new york and new jersey will commemorate the one-year anniversary by lighting up the shore with candle light and flashlights. A symbolic triumph over the darkness superstorm sandy left behind.

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{"id":20711848,"title":"Rebuilding Continues One Year After Sandy","duration":"3:05","description":"Lower Manhattan, Staten Island and the Jersey Shore were devastated when the superstorm struck.","url":"/GMA/video/superstorm-sandy-anniversary-rebuilding-continues-year-sandy-20711848","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}