Survivors describe Texas church massacre

Rosa Solis said the suspect told congregants, "Everybody dies," and the neighbor, Stephen Willeford, who shot at the suspect after he left the church said he wish he "could have gotten there faster."
3:53 | 11/07/17

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Transcript for Survivors describe Texas church massacre
those new details about the deadly church shooting in Texas. This morning there are serious questions about how the gunman was able to buy firearms despite his history of domestic violence. We are avenue hearing from the survivors who made it out of the shooting alive. Our senior national correspondent Matt Gutman spoke with them and starts us off in Sutherland springs, good morning, Matt. Reporter: Hey, good morning, George. We knew the slaughter was bloody but didn't know until now was how methodical Devin Kelley went about doing it. Those survivors describing him walking back and forth from the altar to the back of the church selecting target, firing, reloading, doing it again. Many of them only saw his boots and they say he said one thing, everybody is going to die. This morning, the scale of the horror inside that shoe box-sized church shocking even to investigators. I can tell you that the scene in there is horrific. Reporter: For the first time survivors describe the terror as a murderer stalked the house of worship. People screaming and people crying and momma, where are you? Momma, the little kids. Roseanne Solis was discharged from the hospital late Monday arriving home into the embrace of family members. I saw bodies with a lot of blood. That's all I saw because I wasn't about to get out from where I was hiding. Was anybody trying to get away? Was there anywhere to go? Huh-uh. There was nowhere to go. Reporter: Solis said the shooter's only words were everybody dies. Did you play dead? Yes, I did. I played dead and I made sure that I hid myself good under that bench. Reporter: This morning fathrit and others remain hospitalized. She just laid on the floor. The shooter was shooting and everybody he could see was trying to run and after nobody was moving just laying on the floor he walked up and down all the aisles shooting everybody as they laid on the floor. How many times do you think he went up and down? She said 10 to 15 times. Reporter: His mom's bulletridden cell phone likely saved her life. Eight members of a single family murdered. The holcombes, associate pastor Brian was one of them seen here speaking at the church earlier. If you're at Christ Jesus you have a ministry. Reporter: More may have died if it hadn't have been for Stephen Willeford. They're friends of mine, their family. Every time I heard a shot I knew that probably represented a life. I was scared to death. I'm no hero. I am not. I think my god, my lord protected me and gave me the skills to do what needed to be done and I just wish I could have gotten there faster. Reporter: Johnnie langendorff who chased the suspect along with Willeford showing our David Muir video he shot on his cell phone during the last moments of the shooter's life. So you can see the police moving in. Just over that left divider they would find the killer dead. Overnight toast two heroes seeing each other for the first time since the shooting falling into an embrace. Now, this is a community of 650 people. Obviously the loss of 26 lives is causing it to reel but the real gut punch here is the loss of that Holcombe family we just mentioned, three generations gone. Grandparents, parents and four grandchildren and when you talk to folks here they say what really angers them is that Devin Kelley should never have been allowed to buy those weapons in the first place.

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{"duration":"3:53","description":"Rosa Solis said the suspect told congregants, \"Everybody dies,\" and the neighbor, Stephen Willeford, who shot at the suspect after he left the church said he wish he \"could have gotten there faster.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"50980358","title":"Survivors describe Texas church massacre ","url":"/GMA/video/survivors-describe-texas-church-massacre-50980358"}