Taylor Swift Answers Fans Questions About '1989'

Shares some details about what to expect on the new album and the deluxe edition of it.
8:23 | 08/18/14

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Transcript for Taylor Swift Answers Fans Questions About '1989'
Figure may be the most natural thing might be that some people might have some questions -- gonna go to a question from mr. Graham. And I am actually Slater thirteen has a question she says your style seems to change with every new album how -- your style changed in the past two years. And how is it reflected on the new album PS love the cropped tops and short hair -- That's. I'm glad common. You know it's really interesting question I think that. As a songwriter and just as a person I try to be really open -- inspiration. You know whether I'm walking on the street new York and I see somebody wearing something cool. And I I'm affected by those things in the same way. You have to be vulnerable to new emotions and painful emotions and great emotions. And let those things into your songwriting I kind of let the same thing happened to me a -- fashion goes and we find is yourself experimenting in becoming comfortable. You know trying things you -- comfortable with before on pit. I do I -- very organized in weird ways and I kinda like to be able to look at -- pictures. And see what my hair looks like and what I'm wearing a bit like all of that -- -- second album. So that's that that's that's that's that. OK so -- -- in our audience has a question. You are paying my dancing partners analyst and it's a pleasure to dance review zoo -- -- -- so good. -- And my question is on is they're going to be a deluxe version of the album and it's so what's going to be honest. There is actually. Maybe 33 new songs that I really was dying to put on the album. I'm and I'm do you sticking -- never done before with -- -- -- and basically. And got a lot of questions about songwriting about the process about. You know what happens when you get an idea. The answer is the first thing I do is I grabbed my phone and I either sit on the edge of the piano or put it right down on my -- in front of my guitar and I play. What ever -- slash gibberish comes to my brain first. And -- and I've never released any of that before. But. I actually have three. Bonus tracks that are just. -- voice memos from my found. You'll hear you'll hear me singing just an idea and a malady in some words and then you'll be able to go to the record and the album and and you'll listen to what it ended up being when it was finished so. Hopefully that kind of -- some insight into songwriting thank you for that question. -- now -- FaceBook actually made Jones asks will there be secret messages in the album booklet as there has been with previous albums. That that's something that if you guys keep on liking that I do that I'll keep on doing -- A lot of what I decide to do. All of whom -- decide to do on albums is based on what I think. You like so if you like -- keep doing it but I also was thinking about. I'm you know I've been taking lots and lots of polaroids to -- like the tangible quality of a photograph. Arm and so. Since we did this album photo shoot on -- and since have been taking so many just in my life. -- for the last couple of years we've actually decided that this time -- we're gonna include. These. Photo packets their prints in the physical. Albums he opened up to -- I was city little envelope of Polaroid's. And there'll be thirteen. In each -- but there'll be different -- so you'll get various different kinds of photos and -- -- Dozens outside of the facility. -- hot and cool. From Twitter. Shying swift -- what's all more than one -- west. Asks will this speedy Aaron it we get to meet each other -- OK so I can address this I am because. I I'd been reading so many things on in -- Twitter where -- say. I've been to three shows and I've never met you didn't stated -- -- waited outside of you know I waited outside a TV show I slept on -- street whatever. And just like I want to meet this person and -- so I've been thinking up new ways that we can do that so we created something called. Than 1989. Swift stakes. -- -- -- sweepstakes but alienated annoying. And so what it means is that I'll be giving away 1000 tickets and 500 meet and greets -- next -- to basically they're going to be in total. 1989. Prizes which is just 1989 with a -- and there'll be -- -- that Taylor -- com there's going to be a lot of information on Taylor Swift dot com all the pre order stuck. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's if there's a lot of stuff on that website it's very useful. Com. -- -- Norway and sky eight. And have pandora asks when -- you. Today. We love you -- you beautiful. We I would like. I'm so I rephrase the question. From Willie you -- new music video when I'm there -- it to. Have you already shot and -- Which -- -- -- in TO. Surprise is number three. I'm basically. Here's the story -- Matt. -- there's a director of wanted to -- quest for years his name is mark manic. He. So I was all. He's keys to he's -- reachable he's too busy -- these things going on and but I anyway we flew in played -- the song months ago and he -- I'm in like one -- and I was so excited and so we got together we start talking about ideas. And in my mind I want it to tie this to this metaphor that I've been thinking about a lot because all I think about our metaphors and cats. My my idea was that life it's self. And -- -- people actually are can be greatly reflected in how they dance. I really think that and I don't mean how good you are I mean your willingness today. I'm you can kind of tell if you go to a house party and you see that there's this group of people over here that are too cool for school. And there and their inherent bias in they're like a minister there -- Minnesota. So -- there -- dancing you know. Those people I don't feel like are having his good time as the people but they're making the -- who. Don't care how they look dancing -- they -- -- saying. Projecting -- thing. But basically diet I love the idea that you can tell who someone is by how they danced and so we started talking about ideas and we basically decided that we would get. In this huge group of incredible professional dancers of all different types of dance. And throw me into the middle of them. And see what happens. So. Fun fact at the and the video. You will see a group of about a hundred fans. Those -- people -- plucked from. -- Graham Twitter website letters everywhere. And may have captain secret that they were in this music video for two months can I get around -- --

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{"duration":"8:23","description":"Shares some details about what to expect on the new album and the deluxe edition of it.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"25028941","title":"Taylor Swift Answers Fans Questions About '1989'","url":"/GMA/video/taylor-swift-answers-fans-questions-ts-1989-25028941"}