Teachers Tell Individual Students How Special They Are, Tears Ensue

Teachers at Oak Park High School in Kansas City, Missouri, were challenged to tell students how important and appreciated they are.
6:29 | 10/04/16

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Transcript for Teachers Tell Individual Students How Special They Are, Tears Ensue
So I'm doing a positive Oak Park project. And it was hit by selected and I want to let you know that you aspire we expect to be a better teacher can make learning from the school everyday. If they think you're awesome ticket and Hitler. I do is at. To work everyday. And it's you know we're we're and your kind of drive to stimulating the phone. Every. Seeded anywhere again big and you inspire million to work everyday teachers need to keep the beginning of the year also she's yeah. Yeah inspires me to come into work. Every day and you are that seems so my projects is fast. Zoo three Susan Harris who. Fires me. Here and I just wanted to tell you that I'm I appreciate you being here that I am worth every day because. Anything she all the moves on he actually English and aren't great awesome story. I haven't challenge just. It makes me want to come to school everyday. And that he owned. Sierra Club that students you're one of the reasons that I get out of bed and come here governance. Yeah smiling face she's excited needed and you're always pleasant perseverance during. I know where nothing was so on this one until she that I appreciate him it is positive attitude. I did. Tally came in the. You're. Really think yeah. Well the ways and you're so kind. I'm just didn't have found it lands bill it's hard to come to work every day is like you know I think you're one of every. Positive he town. Every day. Paying you to talk to the people's religious plus we've come over. Like jump we're seeing here. Everything. And I want to come every day be here's like. I just want to say how much are really appreciate what. Or file you inspire. Tell you that. I won't don't try and break. Can you make me a better human. It might do balloonists nastiness of live news broadcast live by me. You know snide remark here that are. And I appreciate your personal score you Fareed everything. You're just so alive in the class you're smarter your funny and he made me want to be a better teacher because you're not some kid. Mom. People like yeah Q. Yet you. Definitely. Central. I challenges. We ended magazine who inspires us to come North Korean and I hate us you guys you inspire me. Every day on you are my success story. And I believe in you and I think you're gonna make it. It's a gold medallions. Ever for your everyday life. Came here. Yeah because your friendly and enthusiastic. And you hear about school alone and you're always trying hard and to recognizes student who has buyers leading some to work every day. I chose you MacKenzie loans. Because every day that I had the word we see your smiling and I Jose you because your funny. You make me laugh. Fiercely. Yeah every hunter every morning. Any make sure they telling you mourning anger by every day. I increasing U and you think my coming at work every day about it. I plan. Can thank you for free and I come forward every day is for kids like you. They can help you be a part of their lives so they. You very much Rihanna I appreciate all you do for us. Will horror. And I choose EU and the cat is you always have a smile on your face. You're always kind to me and you always say hello of Blair's it for crap you guys please understand Zion. I learn. I have been challenged finest students that makes me want to come to work every day. As I tell you even I don't having this year's. I always look forward to students. They're like yeah I look forward to seeing you because you made me inspired. It's who you are special. Yeah. Our. If they don't realize that in the next people's. They look better so yeah I really appreciate you can only change here. Yeah but he did and right. Think anybody ever. I don't have accused its. Yeah. Sorry. Yeah.

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{"duration":"6:29","description":"Teachers at Oak Park High School in Kansas City, Missouri, were challenged to tell students how important and appreciated they are.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"42562999","title":"Teachers Tell Individual Students How Special They Are, Tears Ensue","url":"/GMA/video/teachers-individual-students-special-tears-ensue-42562999"}