3 Teams Face Off in 'GMA' Lifeguard Surf & Turf Showdown

Lifeguards from Milwaukee, Austin and Gulf Shores compete live for a $10K prize.
4:01 | 07/30/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 3 Teams Face Off in 'GMA' Lifeguard Surf & Turf Showdown
? That's the team from gulf shores, Alabama, one of the finalists here for day one of our "Gma" lifeguard surf N' turf showdown. Teams of lifeguards from across the country sent us their lip dubbed videos and you picked the top three. A big thanks to shopping site retail me not for providing a $10,000 grand prize for the winners to take home to their community. Now we're about to kick off the competition. But first let's get to know the contenders. ? Shut up and dance with me ? We put out the call for lifeguards to shut up and dance for a chance to win $10,000 for their town. ? Shut up and dance with me ? Reporter: You, the viewers have narrowed it down to three finalists. ? Shut up and dance ? Reporter: First up the lifeguards of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We didn't even expect to get this far. We were so excited to be here. This is so huge for us. ? Reporter: Next team to make a splash. Aaagh. Reporter: The guards of Barton springs pool, in Austin, Texas. Planning on using the money for aquatic scholarships. Be able have a more diverse population within the swim lessons. ? Reporter: And diving in full force, the lifeguards of gulf shores, Alabama. Beach lifeguards at gulf shores we are most proud of coming out to the beach on a daily basis, help the citizen, help the guests and make it a memorable experience for them. Reporter: So which team will take hope the money? The "Gma" lifeguard showdown starts right now. ? Shut up and dance with me ? They're the heroes of beach and pool and so excited. One member of each team starts off the relay, Austin is team yellow. Gulf shores is team red and Milwaukee is team blue. Jes Jesse, what are they up against? Today is our surf day, water themed relay race. Here's how will work. Team members will be positioned all throughout our studio. They'll have to suit up in an inner tube and make their way to social square. You see through those tires there. Their teammates will take over by grabbing a little from a pinata and then head outside with a water bucket. Now once they get out here the final team member will get doused in the water before diving into our surf machine you see right there looking for the coveted plastic lobster and the first two teams to find that lobster get up on the podiums will be our two winners and they're going to be moving on to tomorrow's obstacle. One team eliminated. Is everybody ready? Let's count them down. Three, two, one. Go! And there you see them there off those lifeguard chairs picking up those inner tube, really hard to do. Yellow is off to a quick start. Yellow is passing it off -- you see pinatas breaking grabbing the whistles and have flippers on, as well and here comes the hard part. Starting to rain out here. You're right. Footing will be -- oh, we have a spill by the red team but a great job getting up quickly dousing their teammates then into the surf machine -- wow look at the red team and in the whole there's a fall. You got to get on the podium and that's it. Officially tan on the podium, wow, goes right down to the wire. The red team and the blue team fighting through. Congratulations. You're very wet right now but very happy. I'm amazed how fast you found that lobster. It is very slippery. You truly took one for the team. Congratulations. We have medals for you and your team. Thank you. And we have a parting gift for yellow. Do we have this to take back home. Thank you so much. Oh, yeah. You all really went in full. Tell you what, wasn't easy. Through the conditions you talked about but a tremendous job. A big thanks to bulls and boards for that awesome obstacle course and surf machine, as well. Can't wait to see the final two teams face off tomorrow. Stay tuned. Hopefully it won't be raining.

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{"duration":"4:01","description":"Lifeguards from Milwaukee, Austin and Gulf Shores compete live for a $10K prize.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"32778894","title":"3 Teams Face Off in 'GMA' Lifeguard Surf & Turf Showdown","url":"/GMA/video/teams-face-off-gma-lifeguard-surf-turf-showdown-32778894"}