Ted Cruz Faults Fellow Republicans for Agreeing to 'Lousy' Deal to Re-Open the Government

The Texas Republican doesn't rule out possibility of shutting government down again over Obamacare
5:48 | 10/18/13

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Transcript for Ted Cruz Faults Fellow Republicans for Agreeing to 'Lousy' Deal to Re-Open the Government
-- Hello welcome to politics confidential -- Jonathan Karl and I'm joined by the head of the hour senator Ted Cruz thank you for joining -- so. Here we are it's over the economy has taken a hit if you believe some of the estimates that twenty some billion dollars. Republicans and have their approval rating at the lowest it -- -- since Gallup has been asking the question. Was it worth it. Look the deal we got last night. Was -- it was the showdown worry was what I mean let's focus what we -- got out of the deal last night was a terrible deal the Washington establishment. So the American people -- -- provided no relief for the millions of people hurting because about the senate conservatives fund even -- part of of this group. Put out a fundraising email saying. Now Mitch McConnell is working with Democrats on a plan to fund obamacare and raise the debt when. Well look I was Mitch McConnell working with Democrats on a plan to fund Obama apparently is -- -- -- -- I'm not can engage in in the political game. -- -- focus but no way to that you. You did a radio interview were you compared senate Republicans. To air force going over and bombing their own troops bombing conservatives bombing house conservative. But there's a difference that you you want to draw me into discussing specific individual senators I'm not gonna do that I will say. That the reason this deal the lousy deal was reached last night. Is because unfortunately senate Republicans made the choice. Not to support house Republicans what you're saying not only did not support house conservatives that they attacked house conservatives like Republican well I think that was unfortunate think it was unfortunate that you saw multiple members. Of the senate Republicans going on television. Attacking house conservatives attacking the efforts to defund obamacare saying it cannot win -- a fool's -- we will lose this must this must fail. That is. A recipe for losing the fight. And it's a shame on -- to your colleagues. -- Despise you right now on the floor -- here are some really strong language from from your own fellow Republican senators. Listen you -- you made some enemies in this there's an old saying that that politics -- -- been. And. You know I'm not serving in office because I desperately needed 99 and friends in the US. Given the choice. Between being reviled. In Washington DC. And appreciated and taxes. Or reviled in Texas and appreciated Washington. I would take the former 100 at 100 times. -- this because people hated this shut down they hated this impasse. And this was seen as the Ted -- shot down you more than any single individual -- the one that triggered this crisis to begin with John I agree. That a lot of DC politicians tried to call it an analog to the media did too but took a public opinion that truly -- look at. Let me be very clear I said throughout this we shouldn't have a shut down I don't want to shut down. I repeatedly voted. To open an elderly have been shut down if you didn't -- with a strategy of saying we're not gonna fund the government for six weeks you know -- we can -- -- went on there never would have been shut down if Harry Reid and President Obama -- said we will not compromise we will not negotiate shut the government down. And you know what I feel pretty confident. When you sit down with Harry Reid. You don't say senator Reid. Why did you refuse to compromise and force a -- instead. You buy into the assumption -- actually -- pressed the president pretty hard and why he wasn't Goucher good Republicans on this the president's position. We will not negotiate over that's correct you're saying -- won't negotiate with the Republicans. On on this issue. How to tackle -- -- library's a thing that the bottom line is this was about a six week funding bill. I mean this was just something to keep the lights on wall you negotiated further. This was about six weeks that's what this was all about this was about. A law that is working so badly. The unions are jumping ship and saying let -- this is about a -- that is working so badly that democratic members of congress went to the president said. We want an exemption for members of congress. This town. Is fundamentally broken and it's broken because there's a double -- There are different rules that apply to the ruling class listening here rich if -- powerful if you have friends in the -- -- -- power in the Obama administration. You -- can get an exemption from obamacare but if you're single mom -- struggling to feed your kids. The answer from this administration is we will do nothing. To address the -- obamacare is causing to you will you rule out pushing. To the brink of another shut down by saying he would block funding for the government -- In less Obama cares to -- and will you do that again John I know you will you say you're not gonna -- -- -- -- -- you -- nailed down all sorts of future tactical decisions. What I intend to do was continue to stand with the American people working to stop -- you might do it -- I consideration what I intend to do. -- continue standing with the American people to work to stop obamacare because it isn't working it's costing people's jobs and it's taking -- their health care. Senator Ted Cruz I really appreciate -- time -- thank you -- daytime talk to us about this and that's it for politics confidential for ABC news in Yahoo! News I'm Jonathan Karl. You can follow me all week long on Twitter at John -- -- on FaceBook thanks for watching. See you again.

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{"id":20617481,"title":"Ted Cruz Faults Fellow Republicans for Agreeing to 'Lousy' Deal to Re-Open the Government","duration":"5:48","description":"The Texas Republican doesn't rule out possibility of shutting government down again over Obamacare","url":"/GMA/video/ted-cruz-faults-fellow-republicans-agreeing-lousy-deal-20617481","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}