New Flick Revives Days of Summer Beach Musicals

"Teen Beach Movie" stars discuss their roles in Disney's new romantic musical.
1:25 | 07/16/13

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Transcript for New Flick Revives Days of Summer Beach Musicals
"Teen beach movie" is a must-see musical. IT PREMIERES, FRIDAY, JULY 19th, At 8:00 p.M. On the disney channel. The soundtrack is out tuesday, JULY 16th. But it's what? Today. Go buy it. A big number in just a minute. I want to introduce you to the kids that your kids are going to know all summer long. Ross lynch is first. Maia mitchell. Grace phipps. Garrett clayton. You will never remember this, BUT I DO, FROM THE '60s. Party beach and all that. With annette funiciello. We're very aware of the genre. Are there dances involved in do we learn dances through this? Show me one of the dances that's going to be out there. Okay. We're about to do "cruising for a bruising." I'm introducing the bikers. It's really cool. You're a group of surfers and a group of bikers. You find love, your relationship for the summer? Basically, ross' character, brady, and my character, max," we're a couple. We get thrown into this classic 1960s BEACH MOVIE, WHICH THESE Guys, there you go. "Cruisin' for a bruiseing" is

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{"duration":"1:25","description":"\"Teen Beach Movie\" stars discuss their roles in Disney's new romantic musical.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19678221","title":"New Flick Revives Days of Summer Beach Musicals","url":"/GMA/video/teen-beach-movie-interview-2013-disney-revives-days-19678221"}