Storm Wreaks Holiday Havoc

Possible tornados reported in Florida as a state of emergency is called in eastern North Carolina.
3:00 | 11/27/13

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Transcript for Storm Wreaks Holiday Havoc
Busiest travel of the year. We have full coverage from extreme weather team. Sam starts out off outside in times square. A rough time out there. We're in a break right now in times square. But we're ten minutes away from another deluge of rain. That's the way it's going to go all day long. We'll show you how the rain goes, from the deep south into maine and beyond. Quick zoom in for some road surfaces. There's some watches and 11 states with flood watches from georgia to maine. 12 states have wind weather watches, warnings or advisories. That storm animation takes this storm out of the way by late tonight into tomorrow morning. It's gone. The only thing left is cold air and wind. Just north of new york city, we have flood warnings. We have flood warnings just west of new york city, around the new jersey turnpike. That's where our ginger zee is. Good morning, ginger. How are those roads? Good morning. Right now, we've got a steady flow of traffic, sam. And of the 43 million americans that are traveling, 39 million will be right here on the roads. So, the snow and the ice, the pounding rain, that's going to be trouble. As it goes from miserable, to dangerous. This morning, a holiday horror show from mother nature. Tropical tornadoes reported in florida. And in eastern north carolina, a state of emergency declared. Two people injured, evacuations ordered, as 77-mile-per-hour winds damaged buildings and knocked out power to at least 6,000 homes. It sounded like a freight train. The neighbor's roof and his chimney was in our back yard. Reporter: This trampoline up a tree. And this two by four, into a wall. Hundreds of accidents in 13 states, on this one of the busiest travel days of the year. In southeast pennsylvania, this school bus flipped on its side, sending the driver and 14 high school students to the hospital. This guy, near pittsburgh, found himself upside-down in his car. I just lost control and hit the side of the bridge. And I guess I spun. Reporter: In michigan, a truck jackknifed, narrowly missing this stopped vehicle. In new york, as dancers rehearse for tomorrow's macy's day parade, big concern for the balloons. Howling winds could keep them grounded for the fourth time in 40 years. In 1997, similar winds caused a cat in the hat slam into a light post, showering the crowd with debris, nearly killing one woman. You know there's something going on when we're starting the day IN NEW YORK CITY IN THE LOW 60s. And then, pensacola, florida, in THE LOW 40s. Big changes to come and the wind you're talking about, sam. And big changes in the temperatures, as well, ginger, brought by that wind. Let's talk about the travel conditions. The rest of the nation is looking at the east coast going, we're fine. And you're right. And look at what happens to the eastern seaboard all day long. The mashup of snow and rain. But all of the dry weather from the rest of the country sweeps in for the weekend. Here's a look at what snowfall totals are looking like. We're dropping the snowfall totals around the western part of new york state. It's not a big snowmaker. But an inconvenient snowmaker. Our reena ninan is in rochester, new york. Good morning, reena. Thanksgivukkah may be tomorrow. But here in rochester, it's a winter wonder land. Nearly a foot of snow. This is fantastic snow for building a snowman. Not so good if you have to drive through it. Look at the video of the conditions we drove through along i-90. If you have to hit the roads today, remember to -- not use cruise control on icy roads. And to consider packing one of these, to brush off the snow. And you'll be safe. You'll need one of those. Even though the snowfall totals are a little less, it's tough to drive through four to seven inches of snow, no matter what you're doing. A quick roundup is that we have travel troubles on the road. And wind problems today on the eastern seaboard from probably washington, d.C.-North, will cause the airport delays. Let's get back inside the studio, gang. Speaking of that, sam. More than 3 million people

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{"id":21027223,"title":"Storm Wreaks Holiday Havoc","duration":"3:00","description":"Possible tornados reported in Florida as a state of emergency is called in eastern North Carolina.","url":"/GMA/video/thanksgiving-2013-travel-storm-wreaks-holiday-havoc-21027223","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}