Thanksgiving Travel Season Could See Nasty Winter Storm

Ginger Zee tracks the latest weather news across America.
3:00 | 11/24/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Thanksgiving Travel Season Could See Nasty Winter Storm
john kerry. We'll turn now to that brutal weekend weather that's moving from west to east, that could make rail, road and air travel a mess on the move for thanksgiving. Ginger zee is tracking it all. Ginger? This is a slow-movie iing storm this morning that has places like oklahoma city on alert. In the next 24 hours, nine states are in some sort of winter weather advisory. Much more on that coming up. It's a storm that has already killed at least eight. Frozen that slow-moving storm is beating the winter into the southwest. In amarillo, texas a snow-covered nightmare on the roads. Shivering in el paso, almost 30 degrees below average. In new mexico, some areas picking up more than a foot and a half of fresh snow, wind ripping at power lines and not everybody loving it. I don't know what this stuff is. Coat, scarf and a hat. Reporter: In arizona, many welcoming the snow in flagstaff, farther south, more than two inches of rain collapsing this roof near phoenix. I'm like, no, this isn't going to work. Reporter: It doesn't look much different for the northwest and northeast. So many waking up to a separate blast of deep chill and snow. In southwest michigan, the roads a disaster, in illinois, more than 100 cars in this pile-up. Let me time this storm out for you, today it's just south of new mexico, as it moves east, tonight, through early tomorrow morning, it's going to be a big mess for dallas. Here's the great news as it goes through gulf, places like louisiana, mississippi, alabama and georgia, it all stays rain. Tuesday, people getting on the move for the holiday. The snow stays all north and west. But look at this, tuesday into wednesday morning, rain, rain, from new york to boston. That heavy rain the wind, that could affect your holiday travel and I'll show you how much rain and how much snowfall inland in just a bit in your nation's weather. Bianna, the technical meteorology term is rain, rain, rain. We got that ginger directly. Not great news for thanksgiving.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Ginger Zee tracks the latest weather news across America.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"20995010","title":"Thanksgiving Travel Season Could See Nasty Winter Storm","url":"/GMA/video/thanksgiving-travel-season-nasty-winter-storm-20995010"}