Tiffany Haddish thanks her bullies for making her rich, forces George Stephanopoulos to dance

The breakout comedian opens up about her new memoir, "The Last Black Unicorn," and shows off her background as an "energy producer" by dancing around the "GMA" studio with Stephanopoulos.
8:09 | 12/07/17

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Transcript for Tiffany Haddish thanks her bullies for making her rich, forces George Stephanopoulos to dance
Next we got a great guest to bring to the table. The biggest breakout star of this year and certainly the funniest. She starred in "Girls trip." Became the first black female host to host "Snl" and a new book called "The last black unicorn." Please welcome Tiffany haddish. ??? One way or another I'm gonna find you I'm gone that get you ??? Good morning. Mwah. Hey. ??? One way ??? Oh. Good to see you. Ah. Oh my goodness. ??? Maybe next week I'm going to meet you I'm going to meet you ??? All those months ago talking about "Girls trip." What did you think about those dance moves? I think those were really good. Remind me of the '90s, took me back to the old school, girl. Back when I used to do executive parties and bar mitzvahs. This is real. She's not kidding about that. No. I used to be what you would call an energy producer. I would go to events and I would produce energy. Have the party popping. Get the ole men up on the floor dancing. Everybody partying having a good time. Well, you know you kind of got us going. There's a microphone in front of us. Show us your skills. Hype man. Energy producer. ??? Go ahead. All right, everybody, are we ready to have a good time this morning? ??? are you ready to shake your tail feathers? It's a celebration. Yes, it is. It's a celebration. All across the nation, kick that music, deejay. ??? Come on, big daddy. ??? ??? come on come on ??? Come on. Hey, hey, hey. ??? It's a good vibration ??? ??? It's a sensation ??? George up. It was either that or die of strangulatio what's my choice? Now, that's an energy producer. That is call how you train a man. Oh. You he'll go wherever you want him to. I think George is going to have some nightmares over that one. He's in love with me now. We're in love with this right here. Oh, thank you. We're in love with this book. Tell us a little about it. Well, this book is basically my experiences in life and to my recollection of how my life went and how it's been so far and I got some of my goals in there and just what I been through. I grew up in foster care and moved around a lot. Been through some tumultuous situations and I've always try to find a bright side of anything dark going on. Anything hard to deal with, I always try to find what's the funny in this. What is the fun in it. Why am I going through it. Some things you can't find nothing funny about it -- but it's happening to you for a reason and probably to help other, that's how I feel. So share the story, share the experience and maybe it'll help somebody else in their journey. So why unicorn? Well, I say unicorn because I used to be picked on school in lot because I had like -- with www.what I thought was a mole on my forehead was a wart and so, I had a wart growing out my forehead and kind of looked like a horn and kids used to call me a dirty unicorn and look at you, you're a dirty unicorn and used to hurt my feelings really bad and I did things to myself that I probably shouldn't have did and I started to think to myself, you know what, they saying this for a reason. Obviously they like me because they looking at my horn. Obviously they into me. I'm going to start taking what they say and use it for me so I started calling myself a unicorn and used to only say it in my head then I'm going to take all the stuff the mean bullies and make money off of it. You're doing it. So thank you, tarell, keosha, all of y'all, thank you. You talking about -- and, robin says it all the time. Taking your mess and making it your message. That's what you're doing in the book and talking about how you think it happened to you to help other people. Kind of with Mary J. Blige, you hung out with her and didn't know you helped her and did you hang out with her again since then. Okay, so we met -- we met at queen latifah house. I talk about it in the book and I been trying to get her to be my best friend ever since, trying to get ahold of her and we just -- it was my birthday weekend and I went to a dj khaled's birthday party and we was dancing and stuff and I ran into Mary and she's like, I need to tell you something. I was like, what. Oh, my god. I love you. She was like, no, listen, like she's like that day at la's house, you know, I was going through a lot and nobody knew about it at the time but you made me laugh so hard. You made me feel so good and made me forget about all my problems and I just want to thank you so much for and I was like -- And I was like, girl, you made me forget about all my problems with all your music. We was tooting each other's horns. Let's not tooting each other's horns. You single, I'm single. All these men at this party, we can pick anything we want and she was like, I don't see why not and I was like, ooh. Look at him right there and introduce myself to him and stuff. Gave him a little curtsy. I was like, you find, you beasty and everything and I was like -- And I was like, Mary, ain't he fine? Ain't he beasty and she was like, girl, that's my security. And then I looked at her and I said what days does he have off? What's his number? Tell us how "Girls trip" has impacted your life. Well, I mean -- "Girls trip" has transformed everything for me. Like it's really changed a lot of things like I'm able to pay my mortgage on time now. I still drive a Honda. I till drive a Honda but I'm going to move up to a Tesla. You know -- Wow. You know, Ellen hooked me up with a rental. I saw that. I saw that. She hooked me up with a rental. Why you looking at us like that. Like maybe you can get me one for real? You got money. You see that? Oh, my gosh. I tell you what when people read the book, everyone knows Tiffany haddish popped up out of nowhere. No, I did not. I be here a long time. You been here a long time. You've earned every bit of this and we are so proud of you and we're so happy you came in here. Thank you. And if you were not in a good morning, the energy producer got

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{"id":51634517,"title":"Tiffany Haddish thanks her bullies for making her rich, forces George Stephanopoulos to dance","duration":"8:09","description":"The breakout comedian opens up about her new memoir, \"The Last Black Unicorn,\" and shows off her background as an \"energy producer\" by dancing around the \"GMA\" studio with Stephanopoulos.","url":"/GMA/video/tiffany-haddish-discusses-book-51634517","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}