Tim McGraw Goes Old School on New Album

Country music crooner discusses latest album, "Two Lanes of Freedom."
3:23 | 02/01/13

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Transcript for Tim McGraw Goes Old School on New Album
A new album coming out tuesday. Already have a top ten hit. No surprise. You're going perform live in a few minutes. Catch up with you, my friend. He showed up in just the turnle t-shirt. It was a little cold. A little cold. I forgot my band aids. I had to put a jacket on. The new album. You read about it. You went old school. You sat there and you just recorded and recorded and recorded. We wanted to -- I didn't want to go in and punch the clock. You never really do that. But put a great band together, a great bunch of musicians. I worked with them individually, never as a group. We did the submarine thing. Hung together for about two weeks straight, every day, all our meals were brought in. Everybody just got clustered in there. Is that the -- the creative process forces something out of that? Absolutely. Everybody gets vested in it in a lot of ways. You have that much talent around, you want all their ideas and in truck, yeah, southern girl. You have energetic songs and stuff. Tell me about the mix. As you get older, all your life experiences come into the music. You have a lot more to say. I wanted a broad spectrum on the album. No matter what the subject matter is, there's a sense of optimism sonically. Even on a song like book of john, which is reflective and about looking back on your life and thinking about your father dying, there's a sense of optimi optimism. The "people" magazine. Hello, there, right on the cover. Hello there. The picture they didn't use is the one I wanted to use. That was with a basketball and nothing else. You're a sports guy. A big sports fan. You were in "the blind side." The story of michael oher. He's here with the ravens. You played sean tuohy. In the movie. Where's sean? Hey, come on! How you doing, brother? Good to see you. I'm doing all right. Terrific. What was it like to see tim play you on the biggest of skrens? Well, having tim manager grau be you for four months doesn't stink. I had to wear a lot of makeup to look as good as sean. You know mama sends presents. It's not a -- jersey. It's the best I can do. Team oher. You won't have to worry about changing colors. How is ma doing? Came and ate last night. They're the opposite of us. We get nervous at game time. They're nervous until game time. Another day at the office. Ti let's go. We're going take you to the concert.

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{"id":18376155,"title":"Tim McGraw Goes Old School on New Album","duration":"3:23","description":"Country music crooner discusses latest album, \"Two Lanes of Freedom.\"","url":"/GMA/video/tim-mcgraw-school-album-18376155","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}