Tim Tebow's Super Bowl Predictions

The former Broncos QB and ESPN NFL Analyst Steve Young discuss the big game.
3:00 | 01/31/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tim Tebow's Super Bowl Predictions
thank you. I'm here now with two men who know a little something about football, Tim Tebow and ESPN NFL analyst and three-time super bowl champ Steve young. Who lefties. What are the chances. We love it. Great to see -- we'll have fun with you all day long, but, Steve, so wonderful to see you again. You know what it's like. You've won it three times. What are the players going through this close to game time? They have a big challenge in front of them and a choice to make because this is when the hoopla really builds for the super bowl. The cities, even New York, you could see last night, tonight and tomorrow, every player has to decide, am I going to focus on the game or am I going to enjoy the experience and a lot of guys actually say, you know what, I'll be here only one time, I'll enjoy the experience and that's why teams lose age coaches can't control that completely so more than anything, the big challenge for the teams are to keep them focused on the game. You would think that would be easy. Also that's where leadership comes in. When you have great leadership either coaching or veterans on the team like champ Bailey taking the team together and talking to them and let them know why they're here and how they got here and leadership can be big. On the field. So you were with the jets, a lot has been said about the conditions. Metlife, could have rain, going to be cold. How do you prepare as a player for that. Well, both of these teams have played in the conditions all year long. You look at Russell Wilson, the quarterback of the seahawks. He played at the university of Wisconsin his last year, the last two years in Seattle so he's played in wind and he's played in rain and he's also had the biggest hands in his combine come out, 10.2 inches so I think he'll be okay and Peyton has played in so many games. They'll be just fine. I think both of them will. Your prediction, Steve young? Ah, that's who -- look, it's an unfair fight in the NFL today with the offense versus defense but of all the fights you've seen the Seattle seahawks will give a great one but I'm an offensive guy but have to day with the Denver broncos and I believe they win. Peyton manning. I know you don't want to give a prediction. The key for this, so many are talking about Peyton manning, the sievers for the broncos. But the front seven for the Denver broncos. Can they stop marshawn lynch and the run game and a big key is Terrance Knighton, the nose guard and middle linebacker who is a backup but comes in and running downs and can they stop the running game and put them in third and long situations. This guy has done his homework. Don't mess with Tim. He's got the stats. We don't mess with you, Steve young. Thank you, Steve, Tim.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The former Broncos QB and ESPN NFL Analyst Steve Young discuss the big game. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22310748","title":"Tim Tebow's Super Bowl Predictions","url":"/GMA/video/tim-tebows-super-bowl-predictions-22310748"}