Contamination Leaves Toledo Residents Without Drinking Water

A state of emergency was declared after a toxic algae bloom was detected in the city's water supply.
2:11 | 08/04/14

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Transcript for Contamination Leaves Toledo Residents Without Drinking Water
And now to the water emergency that has left hundreds of thousands of people without tap water in Toledo, Ohio. S to ins were found in the water, and they are waiting to be told it's safe to drink again. And on the shores of lake Erie. Reporter: Good morning, there is a state of emergency here in Toledo, Ohio. 400,000 people unable to drink, cook or brush their teeth with the tap water here for a third straight day. All of this after toxins from an algae bloom got into the city's water system. The algae bloom so big, visible from outer space. Fueled by fertilizer off farmland into the lake. So poisonous, it can cause liver and nerve damage. Prompting Cleveland, Detroit and Buffalo and Chicago to closely monitor or run extra tests on their own supplies. The great Lakes providing drinking water for 26 million people. But harmful algae can pop up anywhere. It hit me hard. Reporter: This man was paralyzed from washing his dog who went swimming in a lake four years ago. 2012, harmful blooms in 21 states. I believe the number now is up to 30. Reporter: Back in too lee doe, lining up in cars and on foot to get safe water. To take baths and wash dishes. We have a couple cases of water to drink. Reporter: But the bottled water just isn't enough. This morning restaurants and businesses closed again. Even some hospitals canceling surgeries. This sign is all about algae, telling people not to go in the water if it looks like spilled green paint. There is a ban on swimming right now. The good news is it looks like the water crisis may soon be over. Test results have been improving, the mayor expects to update people this morning. All right. Spilled, green paint. I agree. And over to Dan Harris with the morning's other top stories.

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{"id":24830124,"title":"Contamination Leaves Toledo Residents Without Drinking Water","duration":"2:11","description":"A state of emergency was declared after a toxic algae bloom was detected in the city's water supply.","url":"/GMA/video/toledo-water-emergency-contamination-leaves-residents-drinking-water-24830124","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}