Tom Hanks: 'Should the Government Be Shut Down? No!'

Hanks talks politics and his newest starring role as "Captain Phillips" on the red carpet.
5:15 | 10/08/13

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Transcript for Tom Hanks: 'Should the Government Be Shut Down? No!'
Hello and welcome -- top line on ABC's Rick Klein we're here on the red carpet of captain Phillips. A brand new film about the hijacking of an American ship by Somali pirates. Coming in fast. We all heard this story unfolds kind of after the fact what was it that -- to you. On this aspect of the story would read and heard about it that blindness turnabout came over I did an extra -- to -- it happened so fast autumn. Pretty quickly. And it. We -- when he came around they might be a motion picture -- it and I read it helped Phillips his -- first it's a pretty classic. Story it's very simple in some ways but has bigger repercussions not just because of their specific needs of hijacking. The situation in Somalia but. It's goes on to this day and even to. Here in the united -- you don't hear about it much of piracy continues unabated what struck you about the characters that people live that live this -- that most of the Walt never knew about well you know they're they're. We -- proud professionals it's a very difficult job. It's it's and so I was six glamour expected pretty ugly place and it. But the people who do there are professionals are what they do it's -- circumstance where a very important aspect of the way the world works happens to go by. This war torn corrupt. Feel hopeless place time. Day in and day out. Finally you are so involving in the World War II memorial here in Washington on the national do you have any thoughts when you saw the scenes of the of the veterans who were shot out part of the government -- Should the government shut down the -- -- I haven't seen by. I -- lot of people are locked out of national parks and included other places are two it's. We we seem to be some grand river terrible -- -- chances and answer session appeared similar to welcome to Washington to help -- thank you this is master Alabama. The probe into the distance of one point five miles with a possible mother ship model and I was just. Coffee Alabama you shouldn't let you create -- -- -- is pregnant and yeah. Top stars just. Tell us what what was this like seeing this become film. The story that you told the story that you wrote the story to you live. I think they did a great job -- really really boiling it down to its really the story of man's perilously. Were you surprised when you when you survive to see him back to find out how -- can -- -- -- -- -- -- the American people -- -- -- there completely oblivious to I was ignorant of what what was going on -- I can still remember sitting in -- broad thinking -- -- earlier with for the guys with weapons on here and no -- no hero here unbeknownst to me media -- that was going on with the Andrea my wife and -- Very intense what do people not -- level -- on that ship at the time we don't have policeman we don't have hospitals we don't have I have comments on -- that we. The bottom line and we have to deal without problems as they -- and -- crew did a great job. Finally what did you make -- Tom Hanks is accident. When accidentally. People don't regard -- -- that you didn't hide you know a good -- I don't have a Maxwell I don't know. They get a breakthrough and pretty much. -- -- Level. What was the story like that you didn't have to bring to life talking to people actually do this and -- conveying that the -- it was a personal journey and my father was -- -- merchant -- Long gone to Israel Molina Obama who was wanted to -- -- -- will -- -- Up production environments. The guys in the boxes the world's trade and prosperity that we will depend on its on line. And they face danger that we tell them whether it's with the wrong. The time. It's. You have these Somali actors who Wilson never acted well. You -- let them meet Tom Hanks and so let's. -- were four young men the defendants include digital books combining. Nobody looks like -- Hollywood apartment trying to get nice -- extra work -- At first light of these unknown it is. -- the desperately behind me and recruited from. News when it -- Feel authentic -- young Somalia -- a lot of news. Consent of the conflict between two friends home to behind -- it would inhibit them so we kept them half to let this moment. So very much -- it's them. -- -- -- -- Look at -- undercut him. That's all the time we have for top -- thank you for joining us here in the red carpet you can watch us all week long at -- Yahoo! News. Catch me on Twitter at Rick Klein and of course but -- next time.

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{"id":20512326,"title":"Tom Hanks: 'Should the Government Be Shut Down? No!'","duration":"5:15","description":"Hanks talks politics and his newest starring role as \"Captain Phillips\" on the red carpet.","url":"/GMA/video/tom-hanks-government-shut-20512326","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}