Top 5 'Full House' Secrets

"GMA" counts down the best secrets of the show with on-screen dad Bob Saget.
4:12 | 10/22/15

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Transcript for Top 5 'Full House' Secrets
Bob saget in the house. Hi. Outside. You were just dropping by. I just came by. So weird. Over there. We're going to talk about that coming up. Good morning. First you're going to help us with our "Top 5" list. A very special "Full house" edition and these are secrets that we don't know about each of your cast members that you're ready to spill. That's correct. Never before heard secrets about the cast of "Full house." Starting with uncle Jesse. What do we need to know about John Stamos. He cares more about his friends and family than he does about his hair. Really. That's a fact. You have beautiful hair, by the way. Thank you. Amazing. You always say that. Great haircut. I try to get that Lego movie hair. Lego movie hair. Do you want me to spill more secrets. Candace Cameron Bure. Candace loves her convictions and doesn't force them on anyone and also cares about her family more than John Stamos' hair. Same exact thing. This is called morning timing. Mary Katie and Ashley Olsen. The big secret -- they care about your hair. Yeah, everyone does. You guys care about my hair, right? So that is all the time we have. But I met them when they were 9 months old so when they were 3 I bought them for Christmas outfits and I bought Ashley like a beige suit and I bought Mary Katie like a black wedding thing, almost like a Stevie nicks throwback outfit with a black slip underneath and bought myself a camisole and low-cut culotte onesie. Maybe you were the start of their fashion empire. Well, I would love to take credit for that but I think they had great taste and loved fashion at 3 years old. And you happen to look good in lingerie so it's all good. Thank you for knowing that. I've got no butt though. These people know that. Okay. On Becky. Lori Laughlin. Always cooked a pie. Would drop it off before we get to "Full house" and walk outside 25 years ago and step in a pie. Was it like a flavor? I think so. This doesn't sound good to say stepping in a pie first thing in the morning. I was afraid to follow that up. The last one is Dave coulier. If Dave married a wonderful woman no sense of smell and Dave has a flatulence problem. Oh, thank you. But, wait, but wait it's a miracle. Her sense of smell came back. So I'm actually -- no, I'm not even kidding so I'm concerned about their marriage now because it ain't good. All right. Well, there you go. Now I got a new family. Things you needed to know from the "Full house" cast and see them again in "Fuller house." We're really excited about that. Netflix next year. Congrats but you were alluding to the fact that you are our neighbor now on Broadway in "Hand of god." This amazing show I saw with my daughters six months ago, had no idea. My friend Kevin Mccollum produces it, asked if I would like to play pastor Greg. A wonderful actor Greg is leaving in this amazing, amazing cast is -- there's this guy Steven boyer with a puppet we believe is possessed and I'm a priest, a lutheran minister which is maybe against type. I was just going to -- My comic sensibilities but I'm a good man even a righteous man and do it November 3rd to January 3rd. Your Broadway debut. No, I did "The clouz ski chaperon." I'm a closer. I could end this show right now and such a good show and funny show. I'd love to invite you all. You will get free seats. You guys, we'll try. We love having you. I love having you. Oh, no. I'm so afraid. It's too early for this. George, I'll throw -- On the lingerie, it's all on you. I'm wearing it under this. So "Hand to god." "Hand to good" November 3rd I start running now and a fantastic show and funny, funny and irreverent and has a real meaning to it. I'll miss you all very much. I'll wait out here once you're back inside. All right, now the ultimate

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{"duration":"4:12","description":"\"GMA\" counts down the best secrets of the show with on-screen dad Bob Saget.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"34647888","title":"Top 5 'Full House' Secrets","url":"/GMA/video/top-full-house-secrets-34647888"}