Top Mistakes Parents Make With Their Kids

"Toddler whisperer" offers advice on how to best raise your children.
2:39 | 05/26/14

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Transcript for Top Mistakes Parents Make With Their Kids
Going viral. Speaking of memorial day, the kids are probably home today and you may be wondering how we do with them so the author of "How toddlers thrive" with advice on how to keep them busy and happy. ABC's juju Chang brings us the seeks from a woman they call the toddler whisperer. Reporter: Toddlers betweeoç the terrible 2s and ferocious 4s there's a lot of drama. Reporter: And attitude. Parents find it baffling. I'm bored. Reporter: Pick Lilly on "Modern family." Cry me a river. Reporter: What if we could crack the kid code? Meet the tot whisperer tovah Klein author of "How toddlers thrive." Three things we get wrong dealing with a ticking time bomb. We crashed a play date with these cuties in 'lancnew York. I'll have to say, meow, we have to go and she'll look at me and drop on the ground and scream. No, I'm not leaving the park. I'm not leaving my friends. I think we get it wrong when we try to shut it down. The child feels like I must be such an awful person that I'm even feeling this or they feel like you don't understand me and I'm going to keep upping it till you get I'm angry. Reporter: Another misstep keeps them super busy 24/7. Why is it important to let them be bored? Watch children in a stroller, car looking out the window, they're just watching. Parents think they're bored but they're taking so much in. When they daydream they come up with all kinds of ideas but also it solidifies. Reporter: Another reason to push for downtime. Trying to push them from place to place is a recipe for disaster. My 4-year-old is very hard to get out the door with his shoes, I can't tell you how many times he's been late because he doesn't have his shoes on. I've told him ten types to put his shoes on, he doesn't listen. Doesn't cooperate. Getting up during the morning they are looking for control and saying, I'm not going to put my shoes on is one way to get control. It's a matter of saying to your 4-year-old I'll put them on for you today giving them some control so they can move forward. The other thing we get wrong often is that we go for perfection. I think because the world is not perfect, look, I put my own shirt on and feel great and when the parent says but it's backwards they're completely deflated. If you want your child to be independent you say, you did put your shirt on, that's awesome. Let's go. Reporter: For "Good morning America," juju Chang, ABC news, New York.

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{"duration":"2:39","description":"\"Toddler whisperer\" offers advice on how to best raise your children.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23868792","title":"Top Mistakes Parents Make With Their Kids","url":"/GMA/video/top-mistakes-parents-make-kids-23868792"}