Torrential Rain Causes Severe Flooding

A mobile home community in Indiana was flooded with nearly 11 inches of rain.
1:55 | 08/23/14

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Transcript for Torrential Rain Causes Severe Flooding
At the beginning of a rough weekend weatherwise for millions, look at this, hail in Kansas and as if this were not unpleasant enough it was accompanied by 60-mile-an-hour winds. Wow. And check out this guy going nowhere fast. That is Alex ball of Burbank, Illinois, poor soul realizing a boat would have been more practical at that moment. Absolutely true and we're going to begin with the latesten the extreme weather and Linzie Janis is on the story. Good morning, Dan. Heavy rain triggered flash flooding across the midwest and further south into Kentucky and West Virginia. Leaving entire towns underwater. One part of Indiana getting nearly 11 inches of rain in just 24 hours. Oh, my god. Reporter: Overnight lightning and heavy rains brought floods to Kentucky where high school football games were postponed. Fields like this one submerged. Holy cow. Reporter: In West Virginia, motorists battled floods of their own. Waters turning streets into rivers. Downpours in an already saturated area making this street almost impassable. Residents wading through muddy waters. Flooding also plaguing the midwest. In Indiana, a mobile home community swallowed by knee high waters. Entire streets turned into Lakes and in Illinois, waist high water closing neighborhoods. Residents dealing with it in their hopes and in their cars. It was giant hail wreaking havoc in Kansas as this major storm brought 60-mile-per-hour winds. And in Colorado, drivers slowly making their way down flooded streets. Storm drains at capacity as all that water has nowhere to go. And there is more rain coming. These storms now headed north to the dakotas and to Minnesota.

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{"duration":"1:55","description":"A mobile home community in Indiana was flooded with nearly 11 inches of rain. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"25095887","title":"Torrential Rain Causes Severe Flooding","url":"/GMA/video/torrential-rain-severe-flooding-25095887"}