Tracy Pollan Dishes Up Family Favorites for Your Next Gathering

Ali Wentworth tastes family favorites from the Pollans’ new cookbook, “The Pollan Family Table.”
4:39 | 10/28/14

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Transcript for Tracy Pollan Dishes Up Family Favorites for Your Next Gathering
Holidays coming up. That means family and food. We have the perfect cookbook for your next big gathering. It's called the pollan family table, written by Tracy pollan and her mom and sisters. And Tracy Wentworth went on special assignment to their kitchen. These are sweet. ? Reporter: All right, so first of all, you're all big foodies. I know Tracy is a big foodie. She eats off my plate occasionally. Do you love food as much as she does? Oh, yeah. Is this a generation-fed book of recipes? Not quite. Some of the recipes are my mom's recipes. And some are ones that I cooked a lot when the kids were growing up. But then many are the kids own recipes that they cooked for their own families. It's a mix. Reporter: Is this a staple? It's a signature. The signature salad. Reporter: Look at her brantding herself. And this is at every big family gathering? Yes. ? how competitive are you guys in the kitchen? Oh, no. Tracy's -- Tracy tells a totally different story. Friends of mine who don't cook, have never cooked, now they feel like it's too late, they're scared. We tell people what they should be looking if. Toast your nuts. Reporter: How dare you talk like that, ladies. Citrus roasted chicken. You could try some now if you want to. Reporter: Nothing would make me happier. This is so good. Yay. Reporter: Mmmm. Good morning, America. And thank you so Ali Wentworth, all the recipes on on Yahoo!. The whole family here, quirky, Dana, Tracy and Lori. And I love the ideal of this book. You were the inspiration. Working full-time, but you insisted on a family dinner every night. Right. It's what I had when I was growing up and I just really wanted to make sure that my kids had the same experience and then they've gone on to give it to their own kids. So it's all gone forward and quite wonderful. One thing to do is every night, another to put it together. Oh, yes. Writing books is hard. Yeah, it was. We had all sort of talked about writing a book for a long time. But the timing was never right. And basic -- basically we all got tired of our friends calling us up saying, can you just e-mail that recipe that you made the other night? We had so much demand from just our close friends. Put it all together. We have been starting. We had a couple of family dinners already with it. Got to ask, what's Michael's favorite recipe? Michael's fooifrt right now, changes week to week, the salmon with the salsa Verde this week. Good one. You brought this treat, nirvana bars from your daughter. Can I try one? Please do. That's great. What is that? They are seven, eight layers. I don't know if you saw a study saying chocolate is really good for your memory. We did that yesterday. Coconcoconut, chocolate, nuts, gram crackers and they're delicious. Everyone likes them. They're really, really good. So what's the message for people who are intimidated by the kitchen or just too strapped for time? Yeah, there can be a lot of fear when it comes to cook. And people define themselves. I don't cook, I'm a bad cook, I'm a good cook. Start slowly. Start with maybe one meal a week if you're feeling fearful and build from that. It's not an all or nothing venture. Ease into it slowly. I'm going to eat this, it's so good. Your family, Michael taught so much about food. He wrote the forward. He did. It was such a treat. We're doing a book signing where he's moderating. It's brought our family closer together, and Michael who lives on the west coast, we have got ton spend time with him as well. That's special. And all the recipes, the pollan family table, thanks, guys.

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{"duration":"4:39","description":"Ali Wentworth tastes family favorites from the Pollans’ new cookbook, “The Pollan Family Table.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"26505394","title":"Tracy Pollan Dishes Up Family Favorites for Your Next Gathering","url":"/GMA/video/tracy-pollan-dishes-family-favorites-gathering-26505394"}