Trainer Shares Workout Tips for an Energy-Filled Summer

Lacey Stone teaches the "GMA" team to incorporate new moves into their workout routines.
4:19 | 06/10/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trainer Shares Workout Tips for an Energy-Filled Summer
It's on the big shadow this morning we have our -- -- talking about exercise arguably give us energy throughout the days and the reason I'm -- like this but it just decide to totally and address for the show. We have a trainer Rick -- -- down is yeah. Are. Some new moves into our work averaging right yet I'm your fan of the boot camp format I'm a big fan -- Because I feel like now people don't have a lot of time in their lives and it's fast efficient and if you do with me its current. -- that they're gonna do with -- what is what is under the that there are already and I am I -- I don't -- I -- -- -- -- feeling -- -- You popped out I know it added he has huge scary -- -- -- like dancing. They're so -- I love -- show where the best Clinton's DNA yet. -- Clapping -- Jimmy a lot of Italian -- down. Yeah. I don't talk about the boot -- aren't what of them -- Come it just means nothing fancy basic exercises have been around for ever but the reason why they've been around forever because -- But the -- -- transition -- was as you can have a beginner level Finnish media and advance and you know anyone's welcome. You know it's not like crazy choreography it's basic squat exercises heading that jumped betting scheme is just so yeah monument records and then. Well I I am -- right -- I couldn't take have been can't back in Philadelphia did you and I I play and I love it and it's all -- -- don't have. Special equipment -- saying yes. Korea and string yeah yes so I have to accompany it may not have an -- just don't fitness let's go all of yes low body exercises the first move we're gonna do I'll give you a beginner which. You're gonna do to be okay yeah. But you can do this you're going to be advancing and he'll now -- Intermediate and and we'll do advance strength aren't sure sounded -- this simple you just flooded down mixture is don't know how to get -- so we're looking your query I don't -- Here let's go over how it simmered down then you're gonna come up just like that night -- tell me that Hamas bringing up your heels next level. He took pills off that's on -- got a little jump out and gets you ready for next -- you ready. Hello yeah yeah. I want -- guy. -- yeah. -- -- -- And -- It is not that he took like a beauty that -- affectionate to -- ridiculous yeah. Yeah. So it worked out yeah. Good -- targeted thinking down to the ground. This woman and her. Yeah. We don't -- -- Pretty that's here now it not only know -- idea coming on here had a happier here hands. -- underneath your shoulders. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Bringing change and the until you make it hard we looks so cool right now about the and I loved -- yeah. So let me ask you this -- -- -- worked out blues like we're you don't wanna go to the gym you're gonna -- -- man clearly. -- just going. Just get going just keep going get practice makes perfect I don't mind -- -- that inspires you music and new clothes good environments. And that's how you do it that's an elegant and -- yeah. Let's all -- know what we're doing. Yeah yeah yeah. -- -- -- Write something. Well I know all. Well have fought our way and summer and I knew a -- -- Stores do you look at this appellation -- -- not pump our treated me -- system it. Perfect and I am -- here and it isn't hanging together and yeah yeah.

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{"id":24071271,"title":"Trainer Shares Workout Tips for an Energy-Filled Summer","duration":"4:19","description":"Lacey Stone teaches the \"GMA\" team to incorporate new moves into their workout routines.","url":"/GMA/video/trainer-shares-workout-tips-energy-filled-summer-24071271","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}