Trump doubles down on North Korea warnings

The president said there would be "big, big trouble" if North Korea launched any missiles near Guam.
5:43 | 08/12/17

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Transcript for Trump doubles down on North Korea warnings
The heated tensions between the U.S. And North Korea. North Korea responded moments ago with its own stern warning after president trump said Kim Jong-un faces big trouble if Guam is threateninged. The president staying in touch with Guam's governor placing a call to assure the island he is with them 1,000%. Our chief global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz kicks off our coverage this morning in Seoul, South Korea. Martha, good morning to you. Reporter: Good morning. The firing is only intensifying with each promising the destruction of the other if threats become reality. Just hours ago the first word since Kim Jong-un regime announced plans to launch missiles into the waters off Guam. This mning saying if the trump administration does not want the American empire to meet its tragic doom they had better talk and act properly. That statement in response to president trump's string of warnings from his Friday tweet saying the U.S. Military is locked and loaded to his latest -- If anything happens to Guam there will be big, big trouble in North Korea. Reporter: This morning, the governor of Guam releasing a video of a call he received from the president overnight. We are with you 1,000%. Reporter: Reassuring him of the white house's support even promising a tourism boon. I have to tell you you have become extremely famous. All over the world they're talking about you and about Guam and your tourism will go up like tenfold with the expenditure of no money. Reporter: Guam's department of homeland security releasing these pamphlets. Telling residents how to prepare for an imintercept missile threat urging American citizens there to not look at the flash or fireball of a possible nuclear blast. It can blind you. Here in Seoul, the threat is so close. Just 35 miles to the border, a matter of minutes for a ballistic missile. You can actually get very close to North Korea just driving outside of Seoul. That's North Korea just across that river. We can see apartment buildings but if you look closer, you can see they're all empty. Worldwide. America's allies promise to rush to America's side. Japan, South Korea and Australia all vowing to help. But a rebuke from German chancellor Angela americaingle saying an escalation in language is not the answer. Let her speak for Germany. Reporter: China, north Korea's biggest trading partner, crucial to solving the crisis is making the same argument, urging restraint from both sides in a between call between president trump and president XI late last night. Martha will report from south Korea all weekend. We want to bring in ABC news contributor Steve ganyard joining us from Washington. Steve, thanks for joining us. Good morning, Paula. We have seen this war of words. North Korea releasing the statement they better act properly or promising the tragic doom of America. Anything about it on the horizon. So-called indicators and warnings looking at North Korea to see if they're mobilizing, if ships were leaving ports and people coming out oft field to take arms. It's pretty common, North Korea right now and that communique said they wouldn't launch missiles towards Guam until after the plan was approved sometime in mid-august so it seems like we have a little bit of a calm period here. And North Korea, Steve, is threatening to hit the waters off of Guam. If that missile or warhead strikes within 12 miles of the island, does that conte statute an act of war an does the north have enough precision to ensure it doesn't actually strike inside that 12-mile area? That's the big bet, Matt. If he decides to launch them towards Guam and inside they land within 11 nautical mile, that's an act of war. If not he will have demonstrated the next step in nuclear capability and that is accuracy would be a very disturbing indication. And the president also made news about Venezuela. There is a tear civil war brewing there. Take a listen. Many options for Venezuela including a possible military option if necessary. So, Steve, what do you think the president's play is here in Venezuela? Matt, I think he's only turning up heat a bit on maduro. It's a civil war in Venezuela. There is no place for the U.S. Military. Which side we would take. That said there's always plans in place for noncombat apartment evacuation of U.S. Citizens and blaes personnel. Not a place where we'd want to get involved certainly. Steve ganyard, thanks for your incite. President trump will be wrap up his working vacation from bedminster and heading back to D.C. Where we're getting the first pictures of renovations that kept hill out of the Wes@ wing. Spruced up floors, new carpets and new air-conditioning and heating system as well as new paint and almost $3.5 million overhaul. Trump is holding a pretty big press conference on Monday. So stay tuned to that. We be watching. Tomorrow on "This week," George Stephanopoulos will have an exclusive interview with Anthony scaramucci in his first interview since his whirlwind 11 days as courthouse communications director. Looking forward to that a lot.

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{"id":49175225,"title":"Trump doubles down on North Korea warnings","duration":"5:43","description":"The president said there would be \"big, big trouble\" if North Korea launched any missiles near Guam.","url":"/GMA/video/trump-doubles-north-korea-warnings-49175225","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}