Trump Jr. spent nearly 8 hours with House Committee

Multiple sources with knowledge tell ABC News that Trump Jr.'s lawyers asked how many more questions the committee had.
2:35 | 12/07/17

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Transcript for Trump Jr. spent nearly 8 hours with House Committee
George, there are also new developments in the Russia investigation. We're learning more about what the president's son don junior did and didn't answer when he was grilled for hours by the house intelligence committee over that meeting with the Russian lawyer in trump tower. Our senior justice correspondent Pierre Thomas has more from Washington. Good morning, Pierre. Reporter: Robin, good morning. It was a high stakes eight-hour marathon session behind closed doors. Much of it focusing on that controversial 2016 meeting at trump tower between senior trump campaign officials and the Russians. Democrats on the committee wanting to know whether Donald Trump Jr. Asked for and received dirt on Hillary Clinton during that meeting and who if anyone did he report to about the meeting. They also wanted to know what he discussed with his father, the president, when the story about the meeting broke and Donald Trump Jr. Released the initial misleading statement when the Russian contact was about adoption. He acknowledged discussing that matter with his father but refused to answer questions about that discussion. Reporter: Would not answer any questions. Not on this topic. When we asked him about his discussions with his father after the e-mails became public he and his attorney invoked attorney/client privilege which we do not applies here. Reporter: But Republicans had a far more generous view of the grilling. He's answered everything, answered everything honestly, totally, unequivocally. Any evidence of collusion. Absolutely no. Reporter: At one point sources tell us ABC news that trump's lawyers wanted to know how much longer. The sources said congressman Adam Schiff said Hillary Clinton sat for 11 hours on questioning. Trump junior shot back. That's different. Four Americans were killed. There's new details you're saying about who don junior spoke with in trump tower. Reporter: While sources say don junior would not discuss his conversations with his father about the statement concerning the trump tower meeting he did acknowledge discussing the matter with hope hicks, the current director of communications. She may soon be interviewed. Lots of developments on the Russia investigation including this new evidence from capitol hill that Michael Flynn when first national security adviser was determined to get rid of Russian sanctions. Reporter: A key Democrat on the house oversight committee released an account from a whistle-blower who claims that a Flynn business partner got a text message from Flynn stating a project about nuclear reactors was good to go. The reason according to congressman Elijah Cummins, Flynn believes sanctions on Russia would be ripped up. More on this now from Jon

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{"id":51641280,"title":"Trump Jr. spent nearly 8 hours with House Committee","duration":"2:35","description":"Multiple sources with knowledge tell ABC News that Trump Jr.'s lawyers asked how many more questions the committee had. ","url":"/GMA/video/trump-jr-spent-hours-house-committee-51641280","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}