Twin Panda Cubs Named at Zoo Atlanta's 100-Day Celebration

"GMA" and Zoo Atlanta introduce 100-day old twin pandas Mei Lun and Mei Huan.
3:15 | 10/23/13

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Transcript for Twin Panda Cubs Named at Zoo Atlanta's 100-Day Celebration
Very helpful. The a, b, c, d, very helpful. Also in our "gma heat index," pandemonium. We will reveal the names of the cubs. 100 days old today. That's the tradition, as i understand it. Special reason that today is the day that they get their names. And matt gutman has been following this since they're born. He's there now. Talk to us. Reporter: Good morning, lara. We're here with the most adorable creatures on the face of the earth. Dr. Haley murphy's been with them from the very start. They were the size and shape of a stick of butter? That's right. A couple ounces. Almost at ten pounds now. We're so thrilled at the growth. Couldn't be happier. And they're getting frisky, too. They're trying to crawl off the table. This is such a big thing here in atlanta. I want to show you the auditorium we have packed with, I think, seems like half of the schoolkids in all of atlanta right now. Now, if you look closely at them, they are wearing panda ears. There's huge excitement here. Kasim reed of atlanta here. The announcement, the name of these two little guys. And sam will bring it to us in a bit. They're the one thing on the planet that gets cuter and cuter as they get bigger and bigger. We have the names, ladies and gentlemen. You must wait no longer. And we will deliver them when we come back. Oh. That action right now at zoo atlanta. And the big exciting thing. I hear the names are attached to a panda in our studio right now. I'm antoinette de la garza. 8:27. Breaking news. All danvers schools closed because of a homicide investigation. Right now there is major police activity around the high school. The essex county district expected to update us this morning. We're just hours away from the first pitch, game one of the world series. Red sox and boston police say they are ready. 500 officers will be patrolling the area, keeping people safe inside and outside of fenway park. Let's talk about the weather. Not just game day, but tonight, cindy, it feels brisk out there. It is. It's a lot cooler this morning. Sunshine out there. 40s BOSTON. STILL SOME 30s IN THE SUBURBS, Watching this area of rain to our south. It's going to be a close call right now when it gets into boston. Likely a period of showers. This afternoon into this evening. Rain should be gone now by game time into boston. LOWER 50s TODAY. A gusty wind. STILL IN THE LOW 50ss RIGHT Through the weekend. Bianca. Thanks so much, cindy. Going to get to work. K.B. Has the commute as it stands. Coming in from the south, a very tough ride. South of town, delays up to rhode island. Getting up to an earlier car fire we had in foxborough. A crash 24 northbound by route 106 in west bridgewater. Got you back to 495. 495 southbound littleton to 290 from an earlier crash.

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{"duration":"3:15","description":"\"GMA\" and Zoo Atlanta introduce 100-day old twin pandas Mei Lun and Mei Huan. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"20655653","title":"Twin Panda Cubs Named at Zoo Atlanta's 100-Day Celebration","url":"/GMA/video/twin-panda-cubs-named-zoo-atlantas-100-day-20655653"}