New Twist in Case of Chicago Blackhawks Star Patrick Kane

3:54 | 09/24/15

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Transcript for New Twist in Case of Chicago Blackhawks Star Patrick Kane
half hour, a strange twist in the case of the hockey superstar accused of sexual assault. The lawyer for the woman accusing Chicago blackhawks player Patrick Kane is speaking out suggesting the evidence may have been tampered with. ABC's Ryan smith has more on the case. Good morning, Ryan. Reporter: Good morning to you, robin. While Patrick Kane prepares for a hockey season less than two weeks away his accuser's attorney dropping a bombshell about potentially crucial evidence to this case. This morning, the investigation into sexual assault claims made against Chicago blackhawks star Patrick Kane taking a bizarre turn. The rape kit evidence bag was anonymously delivered to the home of my client's mother. Reporter: The attorney of Kane's accuser saying she discovered this torn empty evidence bag Tuesday afternoon, wedged into her door suggesting the kit had been tampered with. But they don't know who left it or why. We know this because the bag has a label on it. It contains my client's identity. Reporter: The police commissioner investigating the case quick to refute those claims saying they have the kit and that all evidence related to this case remains in its original packaging. Handling of the evidence is un unassaila unassailable. How the bag got to the accuser's mom's doorstep remains a miss interest I. For more let's turn to Dan Abrams and you just scratch your head and go, what's going on. It either is the bag that had the rape kit or it isn't, right? It's sort of obvious but if it is, this case is in big trouble if there was going to be any case. The notion that a piece of evidence so crucial in a case like this ends up on the accuser's mother's doorstep is so crazy but there's also the possibility the authorities are right and that it's not actually the rape kit and that it's just a hoax so it's a huge question as to is it or isn't it? It's so key in the case, which they have already said as we heard in Ryan's report that the -- the evidence is and is not. This is the accuser's lawyer. Usually it's the accuser and the prosecution working hand in hand. Here you have the accuser's lawyer sort of calling out the authorities and saying, we want an investigation. That makes it sound like the accuser's lawyer doesn't think there's going to be a prosecution. Because if there is, this whole incident, the press conference, the finding of it, the investigation isn't helpful to any potential case. He hasn't been charged. Absolutely. And you think now with this the possibility of it is -- It certainly makes the possibility of it lower that he's going to get charged. They've been investigating now for over a month. But, you know, this sort of development and listening to the accuser's lawyer makes you think at least he doesn't think that charges are likely. Thankfully they're having a thorough investigation. Now they'll have to investigate this incident, as well. Thank you, Dan. Thanks, robin. To you to the latest on

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