New Twist in Heisman Hopeful Jameis Wintson's Rape Case

Lawyer for Winston's accuser claims detectives mishandled the investigation of alleged rape.
3:00 | 12/14/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New Twist in Heisman Hopeful Jameis Wintson's Rape Case
We are heading into a big and potentially very complicated night for college football. The heisman trophy will be handed out. The year's best player tonight. The odds-on favorite to win, florida state's jameis winston. He was cleared from a rape case. But they may reopen the investigation. Reporter: Jameis winston, he is so talented on the field. He's so charismatic as a leader, it's tough to believe he's just a freshman. If he wins the most prestigious award in college football tonight, he will have done so despite the investigation that could have derailed his heisman hopes. There's little doubt florida state star jameis winston will win the heisman trophy. But at the same pre-heisman news conference, winston once again answered questions about the sexual assault investigation he was cleared of. I knew I did nothing wrong. I knew that I would respect the process. And I'd eventually be vindicated. Reporter: Hours before, patricia carol, the lawyer for winston's accuser, held a news conference of her own. This doesn't strongly reign of an investigation of rape victim, rather than a rape suspect, I don't know what does. Reporter: Accusing the detectives of mishandling the investigation. And demanding the attorney general investigate the tallahassee police. In a response to abc news, a spokesperson for governor rick scott's office released this statement, saying, that is not going to happen. The state attorney's office and fdle did a thor reinvestigation of this case. And they concluded that no further action on this matter is required. Carol claims detectives did not interview key witnesses, used incomplete forensic tests and said they never tested the alleged victim's blood for date rape drugs. She didn't remember what happened. Consistent with a date rape drug. Reporter: The legal issue, in terms of the heisman, sadly, will have no impact on that. Reporter: The nation's top college quarterback, now gearing up for what will likely be his next big win, taking home the heisman. I'll have a smile on my face. I'm glad the whole thing is over. Reporter: If winston wins tonight, he will welcome the youngest player to ever win the heisman trophy. Next up for winston, leading his team in the national CHAMPIONSHIP GAME, JANUARY 6th, Against auburn, which happens to be his 20th birthday. We'll be watching closely tonight. Absolutely.

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{"id":21218670,"title":"New Twist in Heisman Hopeful Jameis Wintson's Rape Case","duration":"3:00","description":"Lawyer for Winston's accuser claims detectives mishandled the investigation of alleged rape.","url":"/GMA/video/twist-heisman-hopeful-jameis-wintsons-rape-case-21218670","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}