Tyra Banks Adds Male Models to 'America's Next Top Model'

The supermodel and show creator talks about the exciting changes to the show in its 20th season.
5:03 | 08/01/13

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Transcript for Tyra Banks Adds Male Models to 'America's Next Top Model'
Yeah. Everybody, sam used to be a model. A hand model. Nobody better to talk to about that, than tyra banks. Hi, tyra. I like this dress. "America's next top model," on it's 20th season, this hard to believe. Adding a new element, male models. Tyra banks is here. You have been dying for this for a long time. I've been wanting guys on "top model" for so, so long. My boss finally said yes. I'm telling everybody, yes. And they're here. It's so weird to be on-set. Like, a guy is changing. And doing the girls' makeup. Oh, I'm not going to look at that. In your world, it's all got to come off and come back on in 20 seconds or less. As a model, I know models doing that. As big sister, that's gross. Cover it. Cover it. And it's really been 20 cycles? That doesn't mean 20 years. Ten years. I watched every one, tyra. Have you? I don't care how many times they come on tv, but I still watch them. You still watch. And I love that some of the male models have been surprisingly more drama queenish than the female models. They are drama queens. They're crying in flont of me when I'm saying that one of them might go home. They storm off camera. They're having fights with the girl models. That's why you -- that's why i don't like your poses. Really? All that? They're like macho, hard dudes having model fights. I have to get to the tease. We spent our special correspondent, rachel smith, out in the streets with one of your judges. Kelly stone. To see if we could find men that you think would make the cut. Take a look. Reporter: It's the sizzling new season of "america's next top model," with a twist. Show me your stuff because i am the one to beat. Reporter: For the first time ever, male models. What? Reporter: In a battle of the sexes competition. He is a handful. Reporter: With judge kelly by my side, we hit the streets of new york city. To find guys -- can I see your stomach. Reporter: Who could be superstar models. Cute. Cute is not enough. Reporter: Boy, did it get steamy. Hello. It's so hot, they're calling it 2.0. Reporter: We struck gold with a few great contenders. Here's "gma's" top three. Model number one, artem. He looks sexy. Model number two, isaiah. He's so cool. And model number three, jason knight. You're one of the three hottest guys we've seen. Reporter: It's true. The real talent, learning how to smize. Smize it. Reporter: Which tyra defines as smiling with your eyes. Not smizing? Smizing. Reporter: Her secret key to modeling. For "good morning america," rachel smith, abc news, new york. All right. Tyra, are you ready to judge? I am so ready. See if these guys have what it takes. Here's the three male modelmodels. Come on out. Artem. Sexy. Sexy. Nice. He came off the street. You are a ten. That's a ten. He's a handsome guy. He is. You need to recruit him. I think so. Number two, we have, isaiah. Isaiah, are you ready to smize? Go, isaiah. Work it out. Oh, yes. More sex, isaiah. Don't lick the lips. You lick those lips. You are a 9. L.L. Cool j. Finally, this is jason, 26 years old from jason. Jason, show us those smize. Ooh, jason. That's nice. I might have to give you -- what did I say? 10. Excuse me. 10. We have a tiebreaker. I'm going to have to go with artem. You worked it, honey. Check out the next season of "america's next top model." We have the prize right here. Yeah. Artem. Thank you so much. You are "america's next top model." Welcome. Tell everyone when they can watch the show. You can watch the show at 8:00, on the cw, two-hour premiere. I'm so excited about this. You have to watch. Sam champion will.

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{"id":19836620,"title":"Tyra Banks Adds Male Models to 'America's Next Top Model'","duration":"5:03","description":"The supermodel and show creator talks about the exciting changes to the show in its 20th season. ","url":"/GMA/video/tyra-banks-adds-male-models-americas-top-model-19836620","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}