Uber Expects Surge of New Year's Eve Riders

The 'GMA' team of insiders analyzes some of the biggest stories trending this morning.
7:00 | 12/30/16

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Transcript for Uber Expects Surge of New Year's Eve Riders
Welcome back to the bb, the big board. We are breaking down more of this morning's top stories. T.J. Holmes is here at the table and, T.J., the first topic is for you talking about Uber. The ride hailing giant is expected to have a record-breaking night in new year's eve which could mean surge pricing where customers pay as much as ten times the Normal rate. Not only do you have to wake up with a new year's hangover but a huge bill. Why do the rates jump so high. Simple supply and demand issue and in a case like this they are expecting some 15 million rides to be given out on Uber this year. That would be just a huge record for them at least but let's go through the sneh yore. You're ten drinks in, it's 1:30 in the morning on new year's. You can't find a bathroom. Surge pricing, ah, I'll take it, whatever it is and you hop in and you're not really paying attention and the next morning you get up and got a $150 bill and upset about it but should have known. Can you see the price before you take off so you need to pay attention to that but it's simple, supply and demand. They claim it's an algorithm that is supposed to keep the system in balance. People think they're gouging you. Ten drinks in? What kind of party -- Not speaking from experience. A spokesman from Uber says, no judgment, by the way, die ma'amic pricing helps to ensure a driver is nearby and get a ride when you need one during times of high demand. How can you avoid this. People hear that and call hogwash and say you are just gouging us but say we're trying to decrease your need for us so you see that high price, no, I won't do it and puts the system back in balance they claim. Here are tips for you, don't take the ride on peak hours. That's tough to say, certainly on a new year's. The peak are 12:00 to 3:00 A.M. When you don't want to take the ride but that's when you're going to need your ride so nothing you can do about it. Try to split the fare. Ride with another drunkard you see on the street. Yeah, ride together. Have a good time and then the other thing is give it a second. Just be patient because these things are supposed to cycle through the higher fares only supposed to happen for a few minutes at time. Is yours going to take you home. No, I walk. I walk from bar to bar, baby. Now we know. There is none smoother than T.J. Holmes. Love Ya. Now to one of the most highly anticipated sporting events of the year, ufc star Ronda Rousey set to return to the octagon tonight. Her first fight since a brutal knockout loss against holly Holm more than a year ago and Gilbert Menendez joins us so, Gilbert, good morning and happy new year. How big a fight is this for Ronda Rousey? Oh, this is the most important fight for Ronda Rousey's career. I mean she was on top of the world until she got defeated by holly Holm and fell off the map. Under the radar. Came out and said how depressed she was and how hard it was to lift herself up. So what's on the line for her? I mean her pride, her legacy and, of course, she wants to prove to everyone she can overcome adversity, you know, aside from that, you know, it's going to affect her movie roles, you know, her career in commercials and sponsors and all be impacted by the results of this fight. Also on the line, Ronda Rousey is fighting for the title and judging by this before and after photo she posted on Instagram, she looks pretty ready. Do you think this is the beginning of her comeback. Absolutely. She looks fantastic. I saw that side-by-side photo and she looks great out there but she's definitely fighting a tough competitor. Amanda nunes capable of doing as much damage as Ronda Rousey but the thing I'm most concerned with is the mental baggage she brings into the octagon. She suffered a severe defeat against holly Holm. Is there going to be hesitation in the octagon? If there is hesitation it could be fatal in there for her but in my opinion she is ready. She is focused and not doing much media right now and looks great. As for a comeback, though, she's been hinting this may be one of her last fights win or lose but I really like to see her get the win here and challenge holly Holm for a rematch. Oh, I like that, Gilbert. Next up a huge weekend for sports fans, the college football playoff kicking off tomorrow when 'bama faces off against Washington followed by Ohio state and Clemson. ESPN's Tom Rinaldi, one of our great friends of the show joins us now, Tom, good morning to you. Let's start with 'bama and Washington. What's the big story line heading into this game? Well, the big story is exactly what you describe and that's 'bama. Trying to win its fifth title in the last eight years all under Nick Saban. 'Bama has become essentially the team that you either love or you love to hate. They are the Yankees, they are general motors at their peak. They are apple. They are the absolute standard in the sport right now. A 14-point favorite, Vegas not giving Washington a lot of love even though they're the pac-12 champions, they're a very complete team but 'bama has not lost in its last, let me check, 25 games. So 'bama is the heavy favorite here in the first one. Tom, by the way, great to see you. Happy new year. Thanks for doing this. What about Ohio state versus Clemson, the Buckeyes fresh off a big win against a team known as the wolverines that someone known as Paula Faris likes to root for. Stop. What can we expect with this match-up? Dan, that was a gratuitous shot and I want you to know I won't stand for that. Okay. For one yard on fourth and one this could be the wolverines -- Paula, I'm here to defend your honor. Could be the wolverines in this position, go ahead. I was going to say thank you for defending my honor, not sure there's much honor to defend but thank you. Go ahead. Continue on. You got it. Ohio state is in an interesting position on that fourth and one double overtime the only team that did not have to play in a conference championship game. Yep. More rest, more time to prepare. And that usually adds up to success for Urban Meyer. Why? He is the highest winning percentage in the history of college football in bowl games of any coach who as gone to ten bowls or more, 10-2. Here's the problem. One of the coaches who beat him, coaches the team he plays now, dabo Sweeney and Clemson. For a lot of people this shapes up as the game of the year. Should be a fantastic one here out in the valley of the sun. All right. Let's quickly go around the big board. Who is your pick for the college football national championship? Tom, let's start with you because you're my new favorite. I tend to be as a prognosticator the kiss of death so for the good of the sport I will abstain. Oh. You talk about smooth. Can't be neutral. Gilbert, real quick? I'm going to go with Alabama. Such a stacked team so I think they'll do it. T.J., Arkansas is not in it. 'Bama. I'm going with Ohio state. Wolverines. They're not in it. Thank you.

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