This Ugly Christmas Sweater Costs $30K

This $30,000 ugly Christmas sweater from is covered in 24,274 Swarovski crystals and took 52 hours to make.
1:52 | 12/16/16

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Transcript for This Ugly Christmas Sweater Costs $30K
Today is national ugly Christmas sweater day, you guys. We almost forgot. You know, usually the adjectives ugly and expensive don't go together very well but on the beautiful another adjective ginger zee. Modeling -- And by on you mean I wouldn't put it on. I know I'd spill on it. Also apparently rather snug. This is the world's most expensive ugly Christmas sweater. What do you think? Just guess. 1500 bucks. 2500. $30,000. In no, come on. $30,000. Why? Well, because Santa is riding a unicorn. Where he -- Obviously Santa is on a unicorn. This is created by the tipsy elves and swarovski. This took -- I mean every single crystal is hand sewn on this sweater. It is 24,000 crystals. It took them 52 hours to hand make. It is actually available for purchase on the tipsy elves website. I think you'd be tipsy to order it -- Get my shoulder work in. Bring out will and lane. They're wearing what most of us think of as ugly Christmas sweaters because you don't need to spend $30,000. You can go to a thrift store. Party on the front. Lane is going with the classic that looks like it came out of my mom Carolyn's closet. We want you guys to send us pictures of you your favorite Christmas sweaters because next week it's on. The ugly sweater showdown. Ginger is the champion two years running. Not happening again this year. No. Come back out here. Merry Christmas, will.

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{"id":44235187,"title":"This Ugly Christmas Sweater Costs $30K","duration":"1:52","description":"This $30,000 ugly Christmas sweater from is covered in 24,274 Swarovski crystals and took 52 hours to make.","url":"/GMA/video/ugly-christmas-sweater-costs-30k-44235187","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}