Uma Thurman On 'Nymphomaniac' Role

The star opens up about her turn in Lars Von Trier's new film.
3:00 | 03/21/14

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Transcript for Uma Thurman On 'Nymphomaniac' Role
Really feel all right if sanctions the children -- had. -- have -- -- They also had to stay consistent. That's. Right. His -- With. Them. This is wouldn't move. Couldn't. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and this is popcorn where we tell you what's happening at the movies and there's -- happening now called -- -- mania. I'm you know Uma Thurman is our guest and she is. I don't even want to say too much before hand. But when you see her in this you'll be very very scared and excited and all those other things and she's not even the them -- -- Are you -- You're not know it and move not -- -- -- a whole lot a lot of not at all -- Why any -- -- -- that yet collection never done you know did not always say that the -- is possibly -- possibly. The Atlanta mother a great ride lately and it takes to do think that it's -- it's really all right leaving immediately lost the thread we have and I. Think that's a -- -- because that helps so tell that world that hasn't seen -- -- latest. Provocation that's called the -- gave us who is this mrs. H behind your head that your plan the -- behind my head is. Is a woman having a shock in her life on her husband has often left her. And she storms his -- finished with her three children. And basically stays there and -- years over the scene until she can -- kind of unravel. What he's left her for. And -- -- there with him. He wished them infamy -- and maniac -- with the children with her husband and then the next boyfriend of the Pennsylvania acts and so it's just your average at Disney. Film that we can all -- and say. 88. Well someone put it -- -- well heck I don't think actually it's. Okay now now -- If that's not I don't know I think its radar but I think. Well one of the actors in them to -- that doubles for the good. Yes yes now and he did some extraordinary thing. Of melding the bodies together. So I don't think you we mill. Really happens. We kids to. We can't. There is to a wonders kind of collage of penises in -- Well that one -- highlight of the penis collages not -- -- movement but he did some genius to technique of of putting the -- together -- Professional. -- artists. This campaign so far. Who would think of it. It. Who would -- public. I really appreciate. It when you bring up the directors I want to ask you a question about. A couple of movies of yours. I don't want to ask the question of on what. The best three Foreman gives you bet I want to know the fourth movies that taught she's. Oh what I make interesting I don't -- -- really know what they are and what you learned by doing. You know I went from sort of Stephen Frears John Portman and Terry -- and having these wonderful. Two were. Warm father figures. Bubbly directors. And I took on a really intense part it was much more. It was a really the woman much older than I was myself for the time which was -- in June. And that was very interesting the -- and I didn't really connect very well and he's a wonderful right but we couldn't communicate with each other. And that was hard for him. -- very critical of me. And I didn't really agree with. How he felt about. Certain things and so I had to learn how how instead of being encouraged. And babies which and I had to deal with being knots and find some way to perform for him and stand up prove myself. And I worked with Quinton Tarantino pulp fiction. He wanted me just to have fun and so I fell back in love with acting you know and long. Tangled dialogue scenes are probably most actors favorite things -- And that was such a thrill and to work with John walls and and see his killing his work. And stands between -- and that wonderful dance and you know I didn't think I could do it I was so shy about it. I'm still at the -- formative awkward young actress and that that. -- of -- -- stances I didn't stopped dancing. Net that was that was great change. -- probably kill bill because it was so hard. Yeah because you learn to be killing machine never would have thought you could kill me if I see the wrong thing I believe you can keep those things -- really didn't think -- was an academy -- you know I was trembling as I had my yellow closer -- -- And went down to -- set had been losing dramatic amounts of weight -- it had my son and and so. It was terrifying. -- race between you know. -- four pounds a weaker trees fountains that we. I didn't think I could handle that I know -- I didn't think I could do those things you know and I -- first time in my life I actually learned. That I just had to keep trying. And I had to accept that I would fail and that I had to work through -- here. You're on -- -- high wire. If you who could fail yet and Quentin makes it kind of OK if it doesn't. -- it now if he isn't good to me like that he. Yeah -- but I had to ice but I -- have to be great all right I didn't I've ever once being so furious with -- actually had we had little -- I had to learn how to -- -- I had to learn how to fight -- -- -- into different styles pollution and on December -- then I had to have two different -- in both hands it's very difficult. And then. And then it went on and on and on. And then he once you learn it right stick shift who won't let up. Here's where you draw the I am not all like to -- -- -- in every man and one in my teeth. But I will not trying -- to get kids get an epic that's. Though then when I went onto the producers I was amazed that I could learn. You know five or six or 710 steps. Like badly. Do you really think we trained -- -- being. -- we always in the show in a snippet of song. I know that -- -- -- with -- now a little happier I think though the dilemma I got it. It could it's -- happy birthday to -- even though it is until June because I need to hear a musical I would you call when you're tossing them with him. -- do it prudent to from the Atlantic Canada are picking up a look at me it's. It's like you must topic into I think -- -- to give you you just. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- thinking they place them.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The star opens up about her turn in Lars Von Trier's new film.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23013413","title":"Uma Thurman On 'Nymphomaniac' Role","url":"/GMA/video/uma-thurman-interview-2014-lars-von-triers-nymphomaniac-23013413"}