Universoul Circus: Hip Hop Under the Big Top

The modern circus samples some of their acts on "GMA Live."
4:28 | 03/25/13

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Transcript for Universoul Circus: Hip Hop Under the Big Top
We have some friends here you're hearing all beat box that you and personal -- and both internationally. And they basically have their room and -- circus perform. And. Everybody I clearly can't get it right hip pocket under the big top with another way to look at it now let me put Rick Blalock -- Reggie Jack flower yeah. And what is your name. My intent and -- -- hello haven't. -- and I got -- so tell me just before we see some performances tell me a little bit about the universe soul circus. -- -- Probably the most interactive -- is in the entire world is so much and it's great for kids and adults as for the entire family that's where at where we -- -- -- started with that concept. That like. We wanted it to be something that everyone can easily not just in attendance -- -- Bob yelled at its merits and more modern take on death. Only look at there are some beautiful stuff going on it very colorful very athletic it is about speaking of colorful athletic. Wearing stretch pants and not much else. Our camera there are two performers and here are great you tell us Reggie -- who they are and what they're gonna do dividend saying -- -- and they are -- -- Vietnam. And they -- gonna do. Advent they -- consortium is actually. Only a candy let -- and Brothers that are lights are a little low in the studio so I don't want him that they know this though they if I -- -- -- this isn't a gap that CA. -- -- -- And it's very why so many acts -- -- yeah. Hello. That's all -- that be legal. -- -- -- They flowers yeah a little little hairs on my -- and -- are -- I felt that I can't even played eleven. So what's your setup -- need you guys eat you know win win that when the performance begins do you come out like that in -- do you have regular sort of master of ceremonies. -- not exactly but actually -- -- it does happen just like that I come into the crowd. -- interact with the crowd as -- into introducing the ringmaster how did you learn how to do that. Make all those -- or not it's incredible thank you actually learned by just. -- in the car listening to music and just going along with music. It's back. When you see -- -- do it can be really really wonderful because all of that comes out of just one person now with. Synthesized sounds to know that you can do that yourself as critical what's the toughest. -- fox sound to me. Com -- he really -- question. I'll probably you're doing earlier doing the last -- the -- the same time as favorite it's the this you should. I. -- That's coming out of the back your throat while something else is coming out of the front of your team that had finally got them on how to handle outnumbered are looking for something that I. This guy deserves applause yeah. You definitely get it now part of it is that -- us -- this morning and we thank you the universal circus. For being with this we also you have an up Apollo Group that are actually gonna sing us out so this is -- this is our way of guys -- -- want to introduce. This is Vincent client ladies and then -- Very nice to see -- Add data Monday GM -- have them pass up the shot players off the show with a little music thank you Lara Spencer levees and spanking -- -- -- -- -- everybody. What do we do know. -- moved to move. -- -- Oh yeah and news engine isn't it. We. -- -- -- -- Do you. --

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{"id":18806903,"title":"Universoul Circus: Hip Hop Under the Big Top","duration":"4:28","description":"The modern circus samples some of their acts on \"GMA Live.\"","url":"/GMA/video/universoul-circus-hip-hop-big-top-18806903","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}