What to Know About US-Iran Prisoner Swap

Five U.S. citizens released in a deal that showcases a change in relations between the two nations since nuclear deal.
3:01 | 01/17/16

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Transcript for What to Know About US-Iran Prisoner Swap
stunning turn of developments in u.s./iran relations. Five American prisoners release, soon to be on their way home to freedom. That prisoner swap followed by a landmark nuclear deal sealed. ABC chief white house correspondent Jonathan Karl is here with the latest. Reporter: Good morning, Cecilia. These three of these Americans were held longer than those taken back hostage in 1979. Their release this morning comes just as that nuclear deal goes into effect, freeing up hundreds of billions of dollars for the Iranian government. Finally free, ending months of anguish for five Americans trapped behind bars in Iran. We have received confirmation five Americans who had been unjustly detained in Iran have been released from custody. Reporter: One released Jason rezaian, the 39-year-old detained for 18 months, was charged with espionage. There's so much to write about it. Reporter: The Washington post Tehran bureau was detained in 2013. Having certain beverages with my buddies. Reporter: Rezaian was working in the country with his wife, a fellow reporter. I love it. I love it and I hate it. You know, it's home. Reporter: Also released pastor Saeed abedini. Accused of threatening Iran's national security. I told the kids, daddy's released from prison. Reporter: And amir hekmati detained the longest the former U.S. Marine was arrested four years ago while he was visiting his grandmother in Iran. They all spent time in Iran's notorio notorious even prison. They should be on their way home to their families before long. Reporter: Prisoners were freed in exchange for seven Iranians were in U.S. Custody. The release comes the same day president Obama signed an executive order lifting sanctions on Iran. Indeed the white house insists the release of these American prisoners is entirely unrelated to that nuclear deal. But, Dan, Cecilia, officials do say the diplomacy that led to that nuclear deal did help pave way for the dip lo may to exchange these prisoners. The timing is certain a coincidence. Those people are going to have quite a story when they come home. Lots of other news this

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{"duration":"3:01","description":"Five U.S. citizens released in a deal that showcases a change in relations between the two nations since nuclear deal.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"36343256","title":"What to Know About US-Iran Prisoner Swap","url":"/GMA/video/us-iran-prisoner-swap-36343256"}