US Women's Soccer Team Members Discuss World Cup Win on 'GMA'

The championship team stops by Times Square before their New York City ticker-tape parade.
10:06 | 07/10/15

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Transcript for US Women's Soccer Team Members Discuss World Cup Win on 'GMA'
before we talk to the team, we want to find out, remember how they got to where they are right now. Here's their run. They survived the group of death. Rapinoe's shot, rapinoe scores. Then defeated Germany. Shoots, scores. And more than 25 million Americans watched on Sunday. As 23 soccer phenoms from 12 states made soccer history. Lloyd, Morgan, the goalkeeper at the post and in. Dominating the world cup against Japan. A rematch four years in the making. After their devastating loss to Japan in the 2011 world cup. It is Japan's world cup. This time around the U.S. Scoring more goals in the final -- Shot, goal. Another goal. The post. Goal. Than any other team ever has making the United States the first to ever win three world cup titles proving what happens when she believes. All: I believe that we will win. And we believe. And we never stopped believing. We're going to talk to the team and also coach Jill Ellis. You look like one of the players. I was like, where is coach Ellis? We're going to talk to you, as well but there's a message from somebody I think you guys are going to recognize. Let's take a look. Hey, ladies, it's Tim Howard here. Aka your biggest fan. Congratulations. An incredible, incredible journey you brought us on. Thank you for allowing us to dream with you. Now my daughter thinks she can win a world cup. That is. That's Tim Howard and really when you see all the young people that are here and for him to say now his daughter can dream of winning a world cup and, Abby, I know this is all you ever wanted. You're one of the most decorated players ever in this sport and this is what you wanted so what was that feeling when you and Christie held up that trophy for the first time. We talked about it a couple days prior that when we win that world cup I would love nothing other than to be able to hoist this trophy with her. She's been not only my captain for so many years but she's inspired so many of us, not only because she was the '99 world cup champion herself but the way she is on the field and off the field, she's a soccer mom. She does it all. You guys, this woman is the most amazing thing so to be able to hoist it with Christie rampone was without a doubt one of the highlights of my life. What do your daughters think of all this? They thought it was amazing. I was like take this in. This doesn't happen very often. There was really a moment there when Carli was so great in taking the band off and handing it to you, Abby. That must have been a moment for you, as well when you entered the game. Usually when you're in the confines of the game like takes too long to get a captain's arm band switched around but I thought it was kind of a really great metaphor. I've been calling it a little bit a reversing passing of the torch because what Carli did in that game was epic and she single-handedly won us that game in, what, I think 16 minutes or 20 minutes or something. But it felt amazing. She gave me that arm band and I don't know if many people saw it but after the game ended I actually ended giving it to my captain, Christie and for me that was just very evident of what it takes to win a world cup, everybody kind of passing off the torch, passing off the fame of that's what it takes to win one of these. Your teamwork was so impressive, so inspiring but, Carli, I think you stunned the entire world except yourself with those three goals in the first 16 minutes. Best player of the tournament. Has it almost sunk in? I don't think so. I'm on kind of cloud nine right now but I'm taking it all in and it's been fantastic. The journey throughout the whole tournament from start to finish, everybody contributed. We knew it was going to take 23 players. I I'm just so happy and, you know, we've etched ourself in history which is amazing. You really have and, coach Ellis, I mean we're not talking about the coaching staff enough. Let's give them a round of applause. We have been talking about the players. But you, the athletics trainers that got them to this point and, you know, defensively you were there from the get-go. Offensively you gave us heart attacks in the first few but what was a key factor in coming home with the gold? ? Well, I think these players sitting here like you've referenced, the staff, the team behind the team that got this done, so many players and people involved, but, you know, these guys are remarkable and full credit to them. At the end of the day a coach's job is done once they step on the field and they were fantastic. We love to see how you all came together and I think, hope, your tweet said it all. That department of defense, the new department of defense. Talk about how you guys jelled. I mean it was incredible. You asked me a year ago and I was like, ooh, young players, we got a lot of work to be done and gearing up for the world cup it was like, all right, I'm just going to sit back and watch everything take place because it was incredible. Julie Johnston, she wasn't even nervous. It was like she was a veteran player going in for -- It was incredible. And I felt so honored to play behind what I believe is the best defensive's ever played behind and the best defense in the world. Yeah, and you see all the people, all the support that you have not just here but all around the country and then to set a record on television, more people watched that soccer match than ever before. What do you think that says? Alex, what do you think that says about the state of the women's game? Oh, I love that. You know, I just -- I hope we inspire the nation. I think we inspired the face and just being the most watched soccer game ever in the U.S., it's an incredible feeling to be a part of that and just to see the whole nation come together in that final game. You inspired the nation. You inspired the nation. Megan, you headed to the white house. What are you looking forward to about that. Everything. I mean, I was talking about it with someone. It's crazy that the president could see us on the street and be like, oh, hey, how are you? I know who you are. To get a shout-out from him and him to watch a game. His daughter was at the game. The vice president was at the game. People aren't just casual fans anymore. They're invested in this team, 25 million plus watched the game. That's an incredible feeling moving forward. Will you be on your best behavior in the white house. No promises, right? Never. She's got to make sure she steals some of the m&ms. We have a lot of kids here. Where's Blake? Blake, you have the first question. Emily. Okay. Emily. Emily, you have the first question. I wanted to ask who inspired you to first start playing soccer? Anybody want to jump in. Somebody who hasn't talked talk. I think for me it was my daughter was a former player and coach, as well and I wanted to hang out with my brother as well and he loved soccer so to chase hip around the facility and want to hang out with him all the time and so that's how I was inspired at the beginning. Okay, pass the Mike. Say your name. Your favorite snack foods. Favorite snack foods. Goldfish. Favorite snack food. On the snack table. Records for sure. For sure. What was that? You need to talk louder. The Mike is not on. Do you think you should get paid as much as the men? Great question. I think it's unanimous. Oh. . I want to take your flowers. Oh. Thanks, buddy. That 'S sweet. It was a lot of training and a lot of good coaching. One more question. What advice would you give a girl who wants to become like you? Who wants to answer that. Advice that you would give. Sydney, you want to take that. What advice would you give? What would you give to somebody who wants to be like you guys right now? How old are you? 9. So when I was 9 I was watching the 1999 world cup in Vancouver, Canada, with my mom and I said that I wanted to play on the best team in the world and that took me moving to the united States and now I can say that I fulfilled my dream and I did it with these girls and I can say that my dream has come true. It was a long road but don't ever give up. Don't ever give up. Hey, lady, thank you very much for stopping here before the parade. Thank you for your questions. A little bit of a ticker tape parade later. First time in history that a women's sports team is going to be recognized and we could not think of a better recognition for you all so thank you very, very much for being here. Once again for team usa, everybody. And I know you at home are wondering if you're not here in New York how you can see it.

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{"duration":"10:06","description":"The championship team stops by Times Square before their New York City ticker-tape parade.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"32352891","title":"US Women's Soccer Team Members Discuss World Cup Win on 'GMA'","url":"/GMA/video/us-womens-soccer-team-members-discuss-world-cup-32352891"}